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)Epik High - Map the Soul (Worldwide Version) feat. MYK & Kero One | Текст песни

[Verse 1: MYK]
I remember my first glimpse of her face
I saw you smile, then I smiled, I was straight blown away
Mesmerized by your beauty, from your feet to your hands
How could one be so beautiful? I don't understand
Heaven sent, God's gift without a doubt in my mind
Sometimes I wonder why our paths decided to collide
We started off as perfect strangers, boy meets girl
Infatuation to love, now you're my whole entire world
Destiny taps me on the back, saying "Hello"
But really it was your touch, no and I'll never let you go
Then you spoke, I never heard a voice so sweet
Heavenly, and from her words, man, I knew this girl was deep
Just like me, with times to worry and times to play
We'll sit and stress over life or just burn the day away
I know fosho' in our past life, we had to be friends
Livin' and dyin' together, knowin' that we would meet again
It's just a blessing to have you in my life, I was destined
To be with you. My privilege, so amazing, no question
And I'm knowin', soon enough we'll get where we're goin'
Just thinking about it, I can feel my heart growing
Am I trippin'? Or is it that I finally see?
I don't know, but my heart is saying that you're the one for me
Please believe me, I'm exactly where I wanna be
This rhyme is written from my heart to you

[Hook: MYK]
No reason to live, without you
No reason to live, without you
No reason to live, without you
No reason to live, without you

[Verse 2: Tablo]
You turn a cocooned soul into a butterfly
And I, lose control, can never turn aside
You shine like summer skies, like when a lover lies
Next to me and says to me, you make me wonder why
You are a beautiful mystery
Every note carved into musical history
A simile, a metaphor, words not enough
To entrust to you, trust that it's true
We must have clue, but we asked for evidence
Dwell on passing sentiments, though we bask in eminence
Every moment, every day, busy getting paid away
The soul fades away into a grainy shade of grey
I pray, that you'll listen to
What I say cause I feel like a missing shoe
This is to everything that you are
The wild earth, a child's birth, sun, moon, and the stars


[Verse 3: Kero One]
So I ask, "What would I be without you?"
Like Stevie without Wonder, hunger without food
A sheep without a shepherd, asleep without Your message
That despite the skeptics, in the end You were true
And I knew, that there was more to life
And I grew, livin' for the light
I took my answers, combined them with yours
It made life exciting, but it closed some doors
Word to Christ, my life accelerated then deflated
Sunk to the bottom, then elevated till I made it
But You always had my back though
When kids threw rocks at me, or on stage rappin' still
I see kids without love
It brings tears to my soul, but why they always dry up
The world's gone bonkers, you conquered fear
And as long as I believe, you're the reason I'm here


[Outro x5]
L-O-V-E-U, I was made to be with you
Made to be with you, made to be with you

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