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EPMD - It Wasn't Me, It Was the Fame | Текст песни

[Erick Sermon]
As the wind sets the mood, it's time to let off
A sucker tried to play me, the E I'm not soft
I'm very hardcore, droppin bombs like Warsaw
It reminds me, back in 1984
when I went to a party with the master plan
to step up, and put the mic in my hand
Everybody was there, from junior high to high schools
Dyin to get busy, because I knew I had the tools
Then I got the heart and went by the set
I said, "Yo, I wanna rock the set" "Yeah no sweat"
Kickin rhymes in the place, people couldn't take it
The style I flowed, the way I shaked and baked it
Later on I made a record, and got recognition
Everybody's jockin, now nobody's dissin
Written and produced by the new rap duo
Yes EPMD, now I'm known in school
I see the backstabbers, and the elderly creature features
that used to diss me, when I was tryin to reach the
tip tip-top and I won't stop
To be the master, in the field of hip-hop
I did that, and got a name for myself
The image of E, and all of my wealth
I see my fake friends, but things ain't the same
Oh what a shame, I diss em
Who to blame? It wasn't me it was the .. "Fame!"

[P] It wasn't me it was the .. "Fame!"

[Parrish Smith]
Before I cut records I had dreams of livin large
Earnin crazy cash flow, the whole nine yards
But when I told my college friends they kicked back and laughed
Said, "You better grab your books and take your behind to class"
They said, "You couldn't make a record and expect to get paid
cause there's too many def rappers in the world today"
I said, "Yo, my name is M.D. and my style is def"
They said, "Your name is Parrish son, you're like all the rest
Frontin you gettin a contract, but then you 'fess"
But when you heard my record playin, your mouth was wide open
Your head was tilted back that you was almost chokin
But I just lounge, and cool with the fellas
Like my roomie D-Wade, Top Notch, and James Ellis
I never hung with girls, only one and she was mellow
First name was Terry, last name Romanello
My records started sellin then P withdrew
from the college Southern Con, known as SCSU
But when I often go and visit they say, "P bust a rhyme"
I shake my head and then chuckle, and throw up the peace sign
They wanna feel my gold and sport my Rolex
but P reply it's really nothin, and don't like to flex
And when I step up on the scene I always hear them whisper
"Yo P's not the same, did you see him diss you?"
I go deep into my thoughts, then I questioned my brain
It wasn't me, the money, or the fortune, it was the .. "Fame!"

[P] It wasn't me it was the .. "Fame!"

[Erick Sermon]
Now you wanna know me, before you wasn't speakin
Now you watch Yo! MTV Raps every weekend
Just to see me, the E and the P
Coolin out on the scene, with Fab 5 Freddy
Back then you didn't know, that I was determined
to be a def rapper with the name Erick Sermon
To be a crowd mover, someone that cause trouble
Then I thought, and came up with E Double
I can't forget, how they used to diss
Sayin he can't rap, because he talks with a lisp
But I got paid, now you feel stupid
Amazed by the style the sound and how we looped it
Now I clock G's, trunk jewels, and star trims
Cool around town, and flex my black Benz
Definitely hooked up, with the system that cranks
Livin well off, with the ? in the bank
EPMD, is Erick Parrish Makin Dollars
Always on tour, so you can call us roads/Rhodes scholars
You saw me in eighty-seven, where have you been because we miss you
I dismissed you, it wasn't me who dissed you, it was the .. "Fame!"

[E] It wasn't me it was the .. "Fame!"

[Parrish Smith]
As I freak a funky


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