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Game - History (Feat. Doug E. Fresh, Big Daddy Kane & KRS One) [Produced By Ervin (2011) | Текст песни

Doug E Fresh: (talking)
Someone say
who that cat
runnin' through that
ask how he do that
(beat boxing)

who that cat
runnin' throught that
ask how he do that easy.
(beat boxing)

Yo whats up yall' this is Doug E. Fresh, and I got my boy Big Daddy Kane, and KRS-One is in here
and Game [Game: yeah], matter fact Game you know what [Game: yeah]

Razor sharp
my flow is like a crip and blood fightin' in the park, come to Compton swim with the sharks.
I know the real kings of New York,
that make me five borough
thorough pass me the torch.
A young Kane
I'm insane my membrane has the capacity to jack rappers and take chains,
a lot of fake KRS' a lot of fake Game's,
I'ma cash in on you n****s and make change.
Little ass dogs I'm a Great Dane
product of hip hop like spray paint on a freight train
and while you n****s tried to make Kane,
I made Kane
while Kane playin' on that little tape thang,
I got my first boom box in 85'
carrying that heavy mothe f****r I was maybe 5,
or maybe 6,
so what I'm tryin' to tell you
is I've been fucking with hip-hop since the 80's bitch.

KRS-One spits like...
Doug Fresh beat box like rhaaa
and you know that kane spit like...
and that's the reason game spit like...

KRS-One spits like...
Doug Fresh beat box like rhaaa
and you know that kane spit like...
and that's the reason game spit like...

Rappers don't like when KRS on tour
cause when I rhyme they wrist don't glist no more
all you see is that dark ___?
and these rappers promoting all this rape and war
I'm ignorant when I'm on tour
they say I'm down to irk? cause I put rappers brains on the floor
you heard that song chicken noodle soup
thats what you head gon' look like in the back of your coupe
like some one threw up in your rear view
after you battle KRS-One no ones ever gonna wanna hear you
notice the style of music you loose it
I'll scald your face like them cats in Houston
you know it's funny how you love to talk
but still stuck in the hood I rose above New York
I be in the Bronx eating pounds of kush?
your like a fag in front of the pussy beating around the bush.


Big Daddy Kane:
Hey yo
You ain't got no other choice but to like it or love it
when you see me with the game it's nothing like Michael Douglass
the black costa knowsta?
He who got the mosta
the toxic flows and yall' lames is not supposed ta
I spit it clearly
my styles the shitterary?
when I write about cats it's called obituaries
I never fuck with lame so don't bring that n***a near me
I'm universal
your deafest jam is a subsidiary
One question playa who want see
there really somethin' real spit it two blunt leaf
I locked down the East and opened new country
and ran through the West when it was mostly 2-1-3 (chhhhh)
look om? I took one to Brook non?
I look calm but I gotta enough hoods to start a crook farm?
the guard? is in the buildin and yes problems
when yall find chicks all I do is test drive em'


Doug E. Fresh: (talking)
Uh, now let em tell yall' something
see this whole thing came together in a special way, ya know what I mean
A very very special way
You just got the legends man, together
and you just created...a whole nother' level
because on the real...game straight up talk...from an MC perspective B
You are definitely...official, a legend and respected because you come from the heart
and that's what a real MC do
no matter what
and this was all just one night in the studio man jus hanging out
that's what we did
thats what happened
and you know
(beat boxing)
this is real man
(beat boxing)
this is all day
(beat boxing)
this is hip hop
(beat boxing)
til the very last drop uh
and let me tell ya' the last thing, imma' tell ya'
it's about original creation, from the heart
see an MC
knows without
tryin' to be somebody else
just do you thing
and it will always work out
(beat boxing)
do that easy
(beat boxing)
all right game that's it man

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