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Gonzoe, Tech N9ne, Yukmouth - Kill 'Em Off (feat. Krizz Kaliko) | Текст песни

[Intro: Gonzoe]
Yes yes, whuttup mayn
It's the Regime man welcome to our world
Ha ha ha, yeh, you ready, you ready Yuk
You know I'm ready, kill 'em off
Ready, let's do this shit

[Verse 1: Gonzoe]
If you niggas hate me, thrones can face me
If you love me, then embrace me
No words from me, I let the K speak
White sheets all on ya block, who's callin the shots
We hit that man first, then his faculty drop
I went 2Pac on 'em, showed 'em what I had for 'em
Had the whole porch glowin out the super sport, Showin
Our man power, make workers outta cowards
Focus, leave a nigga beem smokin every hour
Gunshots get louder over blocks of the powder
Whole spots get surrounded, whatever breathin we down it
Gonzoe'll spend ya money before ya bitch ass could count it
Lovin my Regime life, California violence
Put a nigga in the ground like I ambushed the sirens
Ya pull me over you get more then a drunk driver
South Central survivor, hustler, conniver
Outlaw gang, nigga Regime Rider

[Chorus: Krizz Kaliko]
We catchin 'em slippin, in war ain't no fair games
See they high, cause inside I see you scared mayne
We pull them guns, they run when that lead came
(Gunshots) we kill 'em off

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
Surrounded and I don't know who to trust
Stressed, might be, demons comin in on me tight, will I bust
Yea its likely, loaded cocked back, nigga not givin a fuck
Press tightly
Then dip to the Bay and parlay with my nigga Yuk and get hyphy
This odd god is not fraud, just brought knowledge
Hot bars from Oxnard to Park College
Part raw shit, Part heart and part mobbage
Ak-ward, shit I spit, you got garbage
I've had it, you faggots is mad at this
You rap it, rezap it, and crack if its inadequate
Attackers with jackets snaked with bats in the back of it
You rappers is whack and it's fact this is immaculate
You slack it a gat for the red and black of it
You crackers we blacketh then shack, and ain't no master shit
We scrappers and hackers who masked for this
Sack of magic shit, feel the fanaticness
Regime Riders kill 'em off and scatter bitch


[Verse 3: Yukmouth]
We kill 'em off, kill'em off, kill'em off
Kill'em off, kill'em off, kill 'em all off
Word to my nigga Asia, the cake finna break 'em all off
The sawed off 'll rip ya jaw off
Bitch niggas gettin hauled off, chop off the kid the mob boss
And watch him so quick fall off nigga
They foundtaion crumble in the concrete jungle
I'm raised in the struggle, ready to rumble
Shavin bundles to hustle, most killas humble
But I'm loud and obnoxious
Bomb ya office like Bin Laden, we kill 'em off with the choppas
I'm heartless, I'm on some Don shit
Most of my track horrorfying and gothic
2Pacalypse prophet, hot shit, toxic, mob shit
Rap-A-Lot bitch, we got it locked bitch
Fuck them coppers, we still representin' that block shit
The MOBB, we don't fuck with no perpetrators or imitators
Snitches, bitches, traitors, or playa haters can't infiltate us
We gettin hella paper, in cribs with elevators
Let the metal spray ya white tee, ya bitch

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