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Gramstar & Young Baller (Derrty Int.) - Baby Go | Текст песни


-Yesteday i saw dat kinda shawty, i know
-So warrit is mane?
-Cute face, slim waist, nice baze, dat wat it iz!
-I gutcha, i gutcha, n wa u did?
-I wuz cumin closa n closa...
-N dan wa?
-She blowed me, dug!!!
-God deeeeeem!


Wow baby, go go
I wanna c u moving
WOw, baby, go go
Go, go, go baby, move, now
WOw baby, go go,
I wanchu do dat
Wow baby, go go, I wanna shake ya booty
Wow baby, wow baby
I wanna u move, heeeey
WOw, baby, wow baby,
Go, go, go baby, move, now
WOw baby, wow baby, i wanna u do dat
Wow baby, wow baby, let me see ya moving

[Verse 1: Yung Balla]

I been ballin all day
I’m outta my breath
So now I’m chillin in da club
And I don’t care bout da rest
I’m just lookin all around cuz I need me a bad chick
Wit breast so crazy and behind on some magic
We may do a dance together maybe we can hit da bar
Maybe she’ll give me a strip-show if we put it dat far
We can migrate to da back and sip on some Henny
Girl I’m wit it if u dig it let’s go hit it cuz I’m ready
Da party goin down, just a nice chance kick it
I ball 24/5 and I chill at tha weekend
When I see a hot shawty I’m bout some freaky thangs
Cute face slim waist and dat’s what it is, man
So when a Baller in da crib, girl, drop it like it’s hot
Put yo up side down and yo back to da top
Let it go round and round get loose and shit
Go baby go! I just wanna see you twistin’ me


[Verse 2: Gramstar]

Wacha name girl? Where U From?
Babe u can't be dat kind of whores!
Sexy style, tempting muvz
"U R so cute"
Dem, dats guddd!
I will execute all of ya wishes
Ready or not, i don't need permission
Wat I deserve? Wa u feel inside?
Would u like me to be your prince for the night
Baby, Ima sprung ya right in a sec
Relax, giiiiirl, Ima massage yuuhhh
Am i so bad? I ain't so bad!
Jus let me give ya the touch of my hand
Like ice you melt when i have u in my arms
I gutcha i-shawty on the top of my heart
Now i got my du-rag laying down on ya knees
Go, go, baby, now i wanna c ya twisting me

[Chorus X2]

[Verse 3: Gramstar & Yung Balla]

When I step up dat close girl u know what I mean
I wanna watch u move all dat stuff in yo jeans
wit dat kinda crazy style, Gramsta u know what i need?
"Bomb babe"
They say i wanna bust 'er, but im bringing 'er my treat

Heyya, Baller, we got 'er the club in the hands
Thirty, Fourty bitches r screaming our namez
Im whistling ya, babe, n you r twisting your ass
Let me see ya twisting me, lade, cz we r the best


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