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Hustle Gang - Chosen (Ft. T.I., B.o.B & Spodee) | Текст песни

[Hook: B.o.B]
I don't do much talking, let the money do it for me
And I don't need no promo, cause the haters do it for me
I just tell it how it is, while they be telling stories
When you come up from the bottom, that just mean that you was chosen

[Verse 1: T.I.]
Hey now you know I don't do no talking, I let my diamond do it for me
But I'm blowing on loud, yea that's another story
Catch me in the building on the 37th story with a bad bitch screaming like I'm bringing her to glory
Glory, yup, we the bank roll mob, she can run from the dick but she can't go far
I'm in the Dominican Republic, got a couple bitches fucking on some cherry red seats and a mango card
A mango card? I know you heard about that, still a dope boy got birds on deck
Talking parakeets though, cause you a stool pigeon know you can't wait to run and spread the word bout that
And I never will let 'em, a pussy nigga keep me from being dope boy fresh
And they ain't gon' get it cause it is nigga, you can bet the bank on that

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: B.o.B]
I can bet every chain on every verse I ever wrote, on every phrase on every note
Nowhere to rain but I'm married though to the game for forever more
You in the game but you never score, in every lane I'm exceptional
I'm on a plane where you never go
And they tell me that life is a bitch but I much prefer mary jane as a better ho
Aye, you see most of y'all niggas just fake to me, stories made up like maybelline
My niggas good for life, y'all still trying to get from point A to B
And they say silence is golden, so my wrist be talking shit for me
And haters can't help but hate, shit I can't help but be chosen

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Spodee]
A up on my fitted cap, my momma told me always give the critics (snap)
Balling with the homies they can try and run up on me
We gon' start tripping like they invented maps
Jordan's with denim vests, spending more than your mortgage on Vino Pet
Roll up the cigars, amino fat
Not so big, hunnits come out the side
She ain't sucking dick, she gotta jump out the ride
Another one that's choosing, that's the one I'll oblige
Focus on the money, only vocal for the moment
Niggas scavenging the hunger, wondering how I survived
For them beat the double but the triple
Burn em like a griddle, play a sucka' nigga like a fiddle
I don't say a word if I'm a kill em
Soon as I get the watch, just put em in the Nets Kerry Kittles

[Hook x2]

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