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iLoveMakonnen - Down 4 So Long (Remix) (feat. Ezra Koenig & Despot) | Текст песни

I've been down for so long
And I've been keeping it too real
So I'ma say what I want
And I don't care how you feel
No I don't care how you feel

[Pre-Chorus: Makonnen]
I lost my friends in '07
Every night I pray to God they made it to heaven
Cause I've been going through the worst
Having visions that I'm leaving in a hearse, next

But I've been down for so long
And I've been keeping it too real
Yeah I've been keeping it too real
I've been keeping it too real
So I'ma say what I want
And I don't care how you feel

[Verse 2: Ezra Koenig]
I'm leaving New York, I don't wanna pay the tax
I move to Monaco but now I can't relax
I hate myself I think Americans are whack
But other countries leave me feeling weird like afternoon naps
Summer twenty-fourteen, shmoney dancing with some goth teens
Motherfuckers leaking nudes, why they got to be so rude?
I lost my samurai, I feel like a fucking ronin
And now my only friends are Despot and Makonnen
Gonna spend the Fall buying jackets at the mall
Gonna spend the winter fucking frozen in a crystal ball
Went to the Hamptons and I thought I was the man
'Til Mary-Kate said my Ray Bans were off-brand
I kept my mouth shut and I shook Sarkozy's hand
Spit in the ocean, stole a handful of his sand
Damn, damn

[Bridge: Despot]
I'm 'bout to right these old wrongs
But not until I get a few mill'
And I been counting so long
Them dead presidents are skeletons on new bills

[Verse 3: Despot]
Up on the block again but down on my luck
If you buying I got whatever I can sell for a buck
And I got it for so cheap you'd think it fell off a truck
Now them pockets is so deep they try to run 'em and sunk
Rocks in socks, I got cold feet but still married the game, I'm stuck
So I'm dodging the police, I'm out here running duckin' cuffs
I ain't getting any sleep, these motherfuckers keep me up
Didn't know what day it was, until the club was going up
I ain't slept a wink, my brain's on the blink
The fizz in my drink, got a strange tint of pink
It's all getting pissed down the drain in the sink
It is what it is, but it ain't what you think
Put a price tag on your life, going once, going twice
Go bust off the culture cyph(er) and blame it on the poltergeist
Alibis is golden so I fold 'em like it's poker night
Got the whistleblowers tight like I just boned the coaches wife
Birds is chirping perfect 'til I shoot 'em out the sky in flight
Chop 'em up and serve 'em on your turf
You know you heard me right
Got a way with words, you lucky you got away with your life
Not afraid to burn the bridge, it's shady, I could use the light

[Pre-Chorus: Despot]
Now everybody's on one
I trying to get 'em on at least two
Keep saying it's your last one
Nobody's ever gon' believe you

[Chorus/Outro: Makonnen]

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