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J $tash (Feat. OG Maco & Rich The Kid) - Break My Wrist | Текст песни

[Hook: Rich the Kid]
I'ma break my fucking wrist in the water nigga
Trap house got bricks, take an order nigga
We do not take any disrespect
I'm finally rich, now I got a check
No janitor, nigga got keys
I'm in Cali, smoking real good weed
And I'm still screaming fuck you pay me
Drop top Benz like I'm ridin' in the 80s

[Verse 1: Rich The Kid]
I don't do two over disrespect
Four twenty-seven chain around my neck
Breaking my wrist, damn them diamonds so heavy, my watch been fucked around and cost a Vet
Choppining the top on a two seater, got your bitch with me and she counting checks
Light them blunts back to back like cigarettes
Whip it, whip it, whip it 'til my wrist get wet
Trap jumping like it's (?)
Got a couple niggas that can take your order
Migos get it right across the border
Stacking all this cash, I'ma money holder
I ain't really with that kind of soda
Balling like a (?)
Flexing like the arm on baking soda
Serving through the burglar bars cause I don't know ya
I've been humble for a plate nigga
I don't ever need a break nigga
I know I got what it take nigga
Used to eat them noodles, now it's steak nigga
I've been sice a youngin' I was dope
Bitches around here (?) like (?)
Nigga all I really had was hope
I got it in the boat and (?)


[Verse 2: OG Maco]
I'ma break my wrist, lookin' at this pot
Pyrex on that bitch, and I cannot stop
Where is all the cut? So I can make the rocks
Hop off in my car, pull up on the block
Oh my God, oh my God, prices low
Get it and go
Oh my God, oh my God, prices high
But you gone buy
And we had to tax, me and Pablo tax free
I got good guys with me
Many shawtys and an Uzi, you can get a whole clip for the free
I'm a real fuckin' G
I don't know about these niggas, they ain't ever trap with me
And I bet I make that wrist work
And I bet I made your bitch hurt
She gon' walk until her feet hurt
I'ma walk and these Giuseppes nurse it


[Verse 3: J $tash]
Don't need to work, I'ma run it back
We still need work but I wanna rap
(?), you don't gotta trap
All of you rappers to me is so fucking whack
J $tash, you know man, he been had them fucking racks
Popping hundreds and twenties just for the Gram
Got me a piece and that bitch go for twenty grand
Bussing five a week, so I need a hundred grand
Nigga I'm still street, them crackers won't understand
Road running, getting show money
In the fast lane nigga, never slow money
Got niggas, jackboys to take your money
They beat a nigga ass like he stole something
Fuck all that fronting, you ain't on to nothing
How you talking money but ain't never stunting?
Your bitch say she horny, she want me I'm fucking
Fucking on that pussy while my music bumping
Trapping and trapping, my dawgs they be strapping
I'm splurging I'm splurging, now watch your reaction
When I hit the scene it's just lights, camera, action
Not talking about (?) cause I give (?)
I could be spazzing
Picked up in fashion
Diamonds are diamonds, my chains be flashing
(?), got me a mansion
My (?)

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