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Jean Grae - Strikes (prod. by Blue Sky Black Death) | Текст песни

[Verse One]
Oh shit
Half frozen in a coffee shop
About a half a mile a half a block
Where Tommy stopped
I had to breathe a second
Wheezing hectic
Knee disconnected
Nerves shot, turn the spot, it's full of cops
God damn
Leg bent, side step dropped in a booth
Jesus, pain shot through the roof
Play it safe, smile
Show lots of tooth
And I'm pale so I use the menu as a fail
Huh, fuck, the pockets in my jeans ripped open
They prolly seen it when I walked in scopin'
The scene, now I'm watchin' the window, both
As I lean I can scream, with the motion's broken
The left lower limb I mean
I ordered toast when, she approached
God damn nose started dribblin' red
She looked strange, I said
"I just came from a rave up on 8th and Chambers.
Slipped in the bathroom. Dangerous ain't it?
When the floor's wet and the walls are freshly painted."
She turned away swift, the burgers gettin' flipped
And my brain is a murder case, shit
I'm not playin'

[Verse Two]
They lookin' at me (Shit)
The cook will rat me
Paranoia's got me shook, I'm hearin', "Book 'em Danny."
Fuck I mean Dan-O, I'm in Hell and it won't stop
Those fuckin' animals will grab me up it's a sure shot
I'm panickin' sick, mannequin stiff
Still no sign of Tommy or the man he was with
Probably caught him in the lobby when we ran in the hotel
The body drenched, mahogany, somebody's gonna go tell
This ain't an "Oh well" situation's past tense
Like the word 'saved', oh Lord, can I repent?
It was all in defense, no false pretense
I could sit in court and never have to pretend
The law though has never been on the poor folk
Defendin' every tension so the answer is "Lord, no."
I choke coffee spatter
(Matter of fact man, can I get the toast wrapped up to go?)
Back up
That's what I should have done
Fuck a knee, shoulda run
Now it's me, 20 officers, insane number of guns
All starin' at me, I'm starin' down
Preparin' the bloody red in the coffee ground
I'm goin' down

[Verse Three]
He starts walkin'
Here we go now
Gets up
Puts in the call, but before
I could stand up
Sat right across from me
Fidgetin' I'm twitchin' and I'm whisperin' awkwardly
"I'm visitin', I'm new in town, excuse me officer.
I didn't know that sittin' here this long was unlawful sir.
My bad."
And then I relax back
If the bleeding didn't relapse it couldn't be that bad
Spoke too soon
Emotion to get closer to
A visage and his image looked all emotional
He put the blood on his hands
I peeped the cuffs in his pants
And no amount of nothin' could amount to toughen my stance
They crowd around me
My thoughts are gettin' rowdy
There's no escapin', every second planned is lookin' vacant
My hands shakin' nervous
The man's takin' notice
I can't focus they're swarmin' like god damn locust
I'm scared and I wasn't prepared for this
I wanna tear out my hair, can't handle shit
I hear the sirens now
Niggas, my time is out
See the window
Look at Tommy, point, drop my mouth
(Oh shit)

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