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Jon Lajoie - WTF Collective (12 mc's) | Текст песни

[MC Confusing]
Other rappers are comprehensible - not me!
First on the mic - MC Confusing!
I took a piss on my nutsack and called it Jack Black
It's a fact, I got more rhymes then Zach Braff taking a nap
I attack motherfuckers wearing purple backpacks
And I snack on towel racks and take a shit on your track
Yeah your whack, cause everybody understands what you say
But when I get on the mic, I make milk outta clay
And I play air guitar with a tube of toothpaste
And I say karate pencil case and put it on tape

[MC Insecure]
Yo I'm MC Insecure - what's up?
I really don't think that I'm good enough
To be rhyming on this track cause my lyrics suck
All my verses fall flat like a hockey puck
It took me seven months to write the first part of my verse
And now I got nothing left so I'll pretend that I got hurt
Aw, I think I sprained my ankle
You guys go ahead and finish the song without me

[MC Amnesia]
Yo MC Amnesia up in this bitch
Woke up five days ago lying in the ditch
Didn't know who I was I couldn't remember shit
Apparently something happened that was traumatic
I used to have more rhymes but I can't remember them
Seriously I'm freaking out I can't remember anything!
Whats my motherfucking name?
(Seriously does anyone know what my name is?)

[MC Public Urination]
Yo I'm MC Public Urination - what - what!
I take a fucking piss on a fucking sidewalk
Anytime, anyplace, I just whip out my cock
And empty my bladder while you motherfuckers watch!
You other MCs can't handle this shit!
You’re just a little bitch afraid to pee in public
You run into a toilet every time you have to piss
Yo fuck that shit - I just whip out my dick!

[MC Fatigue]
Yo MC Fatigue - yeah that's me
Every time I grab the mic I fucking fall asleep

[Chorus-Chorus Guy]
I'm the guy who sings the chorus
(It breaks up the song)
My part is kinda boring
(I wish that I could go home)
But they're paying me to sing the chorus
(And I really need the cash)
Cause I'm unemployed at the moment
(Just moved back in with my dad)

[Verse 2: MC Doesn't Know What Irony Is]
Yo I'm MC Doesn't Know What Irony Is
Walked up to a girl and I gave her a kiss
She said “Let's go to your place, I'll suck your dick”
I said “Hell yeah bitch, that's so ironic”

[MC Gets Side-Tracked Easily]
Yo I'm MC Gets Side-Tracked Easily
My rhymes are badass like Gandolfini
You know he’s known for the Sopranos but he’s also in movies
Like Get Shorty and Terminal Velocity
Which I didn’t really like cause I don’t like Charlie Sheen
Well I guess in Hot Shots, he was kinda funny
But I prefer Leslie Nielsen in the Naked Gun
You know who else was in that movie? O.J. Simpson
Which is kinda weird, knowing what he did after that
Wait, what was I saying?
I think I got side-tracked.

[MC Lethal Weapon 1, 2 & 3]
Yo I'm MC Lethal Weapon 1, 2 & 3
I really like those movies but the 4th disappointed me
Danny Glover, Mel Gibson and Joe Pesci
Why did they have to make a 4th?
They had a perfect trilogy!

[MC Lethal Weapon 4]
MC Lethal Weapon 4 that's me
I disagree with MC Lethal Weapon 1, 2 & 3
Although I agree that it is a groundbreaking trilogy
The 4th was also good they added Chris Rock and Jet Li!

[MC Shit My Pants Frequently]
Yo I'm MC Shit My Pants Frequently
It usually happens when I'm walking down the street
Or when I'm hanging out with some fly ass hoes
There we go!
Thank god I brought a change of clothes!

[MC Final Verse]
Yo I'm the MC with the final verse
I'm supposed to sum up everything you heard
But mutherfuckers I don't really have the time
So fuck that and come back to the Chorus Guy

[Chorus-Chorus Guy]
I’m still singing the

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