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Kuniva ft. Jon Connor, Boldy James & Guilty Simpson - Michiganish | Текст песни


Kuniva never play those games
You Don’t wanna start problems with a real one
Kuniva never play those games

[Verse 1: Kuniva]

Cheif Rocking as long as the beat knocking I’m with it
Spittin’ that Phil Jackson to bitches shaking hoes off the pivot
(The monster is back) stomp on a track conquering rap
Head honcho with gats I’ll wet you keep your poncho intact
Street talk nigga, see me they like he bout figures
Sponsor hoes take my endorsement back, Reebok nigga
Still you playing games I ain’t with the charades
You throw me under a bus I throw you on top of a grenade
You gots to go, attitude chilly frosted yo
Put a beautiful ass chick in the hospital
East Detroit in the backdrop, Mac’s pop leaving cats shot
Strap across my legs like a laptop, I’m RIDING
Niva’s the truth hanging from the right side of the coup
In person, you ain’t the same guy I’m hearing in that booth
So ease back before it gets tragic I spit graphic
Detroit’s most wanted but loved like kilpatrick


Jon Connor..
Connor the wrong nigga to size up
(Scratches) This sound.. This sound.. This sound like Michigan don’t it?

[Verse 2: Jon Connor]

Y'all sweeter then candy canes and candy rain, I’ma make it very plain
Bury lames, by killing these verses certain with every aim
While you was out serving these hoes I was fucking Mary Jane
Rarely Sane, crazy I probably should be restrained
Dipped the pen in coke when I wrote this to make sure it’s the dopest
You can’t picture my mind frame, Cos’ you niggas ain’t focused
Notice the commotion everytime that I go through the motions
Beat the track til’ it’s rolling, nigga this Savage and Hogan
Nigga you average you know it, this sound like Michigan don’t it?
It sound like Russian roulette with a tek and a gun fully loaded
It’s just exploded (Bang!), You get nothing less than what you expected
Niggas kept sleeping on me now and now I’m peace where they resting
Y'all better wise up, Connor the wrong nigga to size up
Murder verses listen as this one getting his eyes shut
My lines screw with your brain call that a mind fuck
Dismember contenders, Nigga as soon as they line up, Connor


Boldy James
They not serious
Boldy James (Scratches)

[Verse 3: Boldy James]

I.O.U it’s only us, Who the fuck is that
So when I’m coming through, move of my fucking way
As a young in used to move ounces up the way
And put heron with heron and a bunchy yay
Now all I do is bag it up then I send it
Down the way trying to stay out the way of the widgets
World watches, tapping on my gadgets and my gidgets
What I’m pouring is active as syphyllis
On this grimace with a guitar, Tipping on fo fo’s living life sprite remixes
Chopped and screwed get rocked like I like my jewel, fuck around and ice these bitches
Bunch of Miss Americas in a pageant full of pussies, where the fuck did you find these niggas?
While I’m spinning up this nine piece dinner on the real and every nigga beside me a killer


Guilty Simpson.. I make up beef and break up teeth
I’m a walking hazard, Yo
Guilty Simpson!

[Verse 4: Guilty Simpson]

I smack piss outta these shitty rappers
And punch shit out of them when they get pissed off
I’m something like a clique boss
I’m from where criminals shoot, over simple disputes
Used to collect, Timbaland boots
When I get ticked off
Now I collect souls, and add to the death toll
These fruits will turn vegetable, when I do a lame extra bold
My aim is extra cold, And I don’t hold
My heat to the side neither, Nah
Witness the live feeder
Passing out plates of justice, sharp as a mind reader
I target your prime leader
And go primate, flow irate, hoes gyrate
While i take, t

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