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La Coka Nostra - Darkness Deepens (feat. Sabac Red) (Prod. By Blue Sky Black Death) | Текст песни

[Verse 1: Sabac]

Yeah, darkness deepens everyday, we gonna speak upon it
The world is full of corruption, we're just holding on, yeah

It's the opening to Heaven's gate, the access to history
The recall of past lives, learn the facts and mysteries
These beliefs be our religion, systematic way of living
Rite of passage come grown blood, drawn from gashes and incisions
It's an act of terrorism in the name of a leader
Eleven dead in bunk beds all wearing the same sneakers
Brain seeking teachers sending brainwaves through speakers
In the same way them creatures claim the same pain as Jesus
There apes to the fetus using God as excuses
And they're convincing they can heal the wounds, scars, and the bruises
They target the losers and then they promise them futures
They're making millions from the poor, their only parts to confuse us
It's alarming and foolish, they take honour in ruining all of our lives
And giving in is what we're conned into doing
In 2085, we struggle to stay alive
Only the wealthy can provide the cash and pay to survive
While the poor are left behind, going blind from the optimum contaminated air
Destroy the mind, lack of oxygen
We locked up in a massive unescapable fate
Of hatred and waste, of all the wrongs, this takes the cake
I hope it ain't late and hope we're not prisoners of God
And don't get left behind on their mission to Mars
This ain't far from the truth, it might cause you to lie
Darkness deepness in a sequence that might cause you to die


(Girl singing) Darkness deepens.

[Verse 2: Slaine]

I promised Teddy if this happened I'd be calm and steady
Eases momma's worry, put some money in this commissary
You beat 'em to dead, barehanded involuntary
They said but we know that basehead was wrong already
So now I'm rollin' with his cousin Moe
Blowing coke from a dollar envelope
Heavy on the pedal and he's buggin' yo
Dime store philosphising, arguing about some shit he doesn't know
Thinking he's original
Linking with the criminals, car loaded with loaded guns
Murder plans being made, rolling up, explod and run
Blood pool's moving with the life of a human
From a lifeless body, I can feel Christ in the room
And having haunted dreams, cars peeling off
Screams, fates changed, innocent lives once upon a fiend
Ignorant eyes visualise victims in these violent times
Nowadays, every thought's equivalent to silent crimes


[Verse 3: Ill Bill]

The cult leader element victims, non-retro, elephant printed
Malevolent, eloquent, excellent, elegant heretics
Of terrorism, delivered in high definition television
Listen, this is how we spit this
My words are like ballistics, my ideas defy physics
We're back to back, walking out the federal bank firing pistols
Predict the vision of a crucifixion, drippin in blood
Before Lucifer's image lose in the list
With the news the lyrics ?
Fire, shooting out of scripture
The burning bush should have warned the Jews about Hitler
I talk to God while I look in the mirror
The cost was large, now your life becomes a nuclear winter
And I ain't scared of nobody but myself
I'm scared I might murder you and spend the rest of my life in a cell
Like the prophesies of fallen angels, the cost is major
Throw our souls on the auction table
These torture papers tell the stories of our inner-selves, symbols of pride
Lighting a fire the size of God's kingdom in the sky
We survived but we feel our greatest dreams have died
Only to find another mountain peak to climb
I gave blood, sweat, no tears, surrounded by devils
No fear, so focused, so aware, so here
So in it to win it, my tenacity is inifinite
Others came and went past me but now they're finished


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