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Lil' Eazy-E Feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - This Ain't A Game | Текст песни

[Hook: (Krayzie Bone) {Lil Eazy E}]
God Bless These Niggas Like Ha'chu (They Wanna Die, They Wanna Die)
Cuz I'll Leave A Nigga Dead If I Have To {This Aint A Game}
Praying To The Lord Tell Him Touch You (They Wanna Die, They Wanna Die)
Cuz I'll Leave Your Ass Dead Nigga Fuck You {Nigga This Aint A Game}

[Lil Eazy E:]
Little Eazy, Young G In The Cpt
Westcoast To The Casket Drop, (In South) Block And I Got That Key
Straight Gangster I'm Just Trying To See Who The Fuck These Hoes Trying To Be In The Hood It's Understood Don't Fuck Around With Eazy E
You Cross Him, It's Mayhem, You Owe Him, Just Pay Him
Anything Else You Asking For A Nickel And A Timly Passin
But It's All To The Good In Hood Brings The Wood Like We Should All Night Long On This Compton Shit With Bone


[Layzie Bone:]
Ain't No Body Taking Mine, And No It's Not A Game
I'm A Leave A Nigga Dead In The Streets, {Streets}
So Let The Word Get Around, I'm A Lay A Nigga Down
If He Ever Think He Better Than Me
See They Can Never Compete
A Heat Seeker, Infa Red Creeper, Real Blood Leaker, Coming Through Your Speaker Listen Up Close Cause It's About To Get Deeper
About 6 Feet I Gotta Sleeper With The Reaper
9 Milimeter Go Bang Bang Ba Da Da Dang Ba Da Da Dar Dang
Watch A Little Nigga Do His Thang, Thang, He Do His Thang, You Know I Do My Thang
I'm A Rep For The God Father
Gangster Music Please Beleive Me
Eric Wrights Still Bombing On 'em Deuce Double O Six With The Seeds Of Eazy


First Off Im A Let Em Know Bone Thugs Little E Thug It Coast To Coast
I Aint Gone Lie Nigga Get Raw You Can Feel That Fire Better Go On Boy
In The Hood Yes Everday Cuase I Still Got The Hood In Me This In Me
If Your In Position Better Get It Better Get It Complete It
Take That Laid Back But Im Still The Top Dog When Things Go Down From Cleveland
To Compton You Need Me Just Holla Thugs In Big Trucks We Real Wont Doubt Ready For Problems Every Single Day Chasing Money Man It Dont Seem I Can Think About Another Thing

[Krayzie Bone:]
Its Another Coming At Ya, So You Better Pray Its Mr Sawed Off Just Call Me Leatherface, Here 2 Brang Drama If They Really Wanna It
But I Don't Think They Really Want It
If They Knew Just What I Do To My Opponent
Gonna Be Another Muder Moment
Ruff & Rugged Thuggish, Ruggish, Keep It Ole Soul Gully
Really I'm Knowing They Aint Ready To See Us Put In Down With Little Eazy E Bone Thugs N Harmony
Always Ready To Get Down
For What Ever When Ever You Wanna Go Acouple Rounds, C'mon
So Anybody Wanting Beef, Run Up
We Got It Hot Off The Grill, Sawd Off The Real
Raised On These Streets Man
So The Treal, Gonna Recognise Treal
Look Watever Deal, The Case, The Situations None Of Yual Can Never See Kray
We Got Em All Trying 2 Listen Up & Observe The Words Hitting Replay Like Man What Did He Say.


[Lil Eazy-E With Krayzie Bone:]
It'll Be One Less Nigga, Fucking Around With My Figures
Yo Ass Won't Get No Bigger
I'm So Fast When I Pull That Trigger, Don't Test Me
E.S.C For Me New Generation Compton G
In The Hood It's Understood, Don't Fuck Around With Eazy E
(Gotta Get That Paper, Paper)
(Gotta Get That Money Man)
Gotta Have These Hoes On Point When I Sit Back And Smoke This Joint
(Gotta Make That Money Man)
(Gotta Get That Paper, Paper)
Do You Nigga I Cant Hate Ya Keep It Gangster Thats My Nature


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