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Long Arm - The Branches (feat. Teknical Development Of Obba Supa) | Текст песни

Verse 1
Far away it's journeys mystic/
Cold air brush the soils, the terrain is the canvas/
Dense canopies, yellow strokes, crimson sky's, hypnotic views it keep you still forever/
Conversation with the clouds of guidance/
This forest of wonder it whispers with the voice of no face/
But true nature, no direction to this place of extreme beauties/
River flows to the rhythm of your every step/
Reflection streams as the mental creates the ripples/
Hugged by these brunches the expression loves,sky cries at random moments, wing creatures they form umbrella structures/
Neon lights they spark a new darkness, transparent soils, marvel like they grounded crystals... the floors of healing/
The grounds of life pure like the clearest of visions, a domain we life exist as wild as you/
Conversations with the branch climbers, leaf eaters, underground travellers/
Walk on waters were the curtains flow the reflection in the mirror it shows nuthin/
This is the place of no judgement death even walks the same path in this zone but it's all smiles/
No fears but the one to exit this place/
Return to realities of mixed expressions/
Seated but now we floating, pure energy, feeling new vibrations/
High times were no smoke it lingers/
We slowly spinning rotational movement creating patterns of self/
Different colours and symbols, signals from the canvas of thoughts/
Environment breaths life in every moment pick the seedling watch it grow from the palms of your hands, your tears dwell/
No desires to leave this place but back to the soils earth bound, looking for the exit/
The heart sinks for the purpose of my new steps/
What was this now disappears/
Waves from circles of life you soon meet again/
Your arms raise, gestured with a smile of many questions/
Back to this place boring before you walk the path of new
Glass is now filled again, flick the lighter now we back tracking..... It now begins/

Verse 2
Burning insides, earths poisons rest the glass that's hidden/
Two windows smashed with the impact of deep waters/
Drowning so it seems, I calm down and relies I'm still breathing/
From where I left I now swim aquatic/
Swimming to scale of friendly ocean dwellers/
Sentient life of another but this occasion felt like nuthin here was new/
Tryna find the surface, now just another jewel walking the golden sands of pleasures/
Is this another trap door housed by the content of raw footage?/
The branch of this journey now splits into two/
The method of decapitation, top the head to experience new growth, rapid as the polarities form the inns and outs of a mystical journey/
The forest entrance a spectrum that curse the soul, bleeds emotion/
The force is weak as what was experienced before still boils/
Pure in the blood circulating/
Steering at temper, the smiles are neutral/
Fire in the sky it falls, as it merges as one Maya reveals itself as you/
Forest changes with the sounds of charms/
Life hibernates gone like it was forever missing/
Leafs fall, unmasked itself now remains branches naked/

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