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Method Man, U-God & Masta Killa - Freestyle On Tim Westwood | Текст песни

[Method man]
Still living by the code
Too many pretty women still living by the...
I'm just tryna get a meal
When I started rhyming wasn't tryna get a deal I was tryna get a feel
Homocide housing bodies lying in the Hill
Man they nothing with me dying in the field
Especially when I'm tryna pay the bills
A lot of y'all be lying about the steel and see the court denying your appeal
If y'all don't know, nothing you better know its real
If it work like a workshop better know the drill
I'm past childish gaze, y'all just tryna take me outta my game
And calling my black women out of their name
I'm serious stay out of my brain
Understanding my slangs, Fast and Furious they out of my lane
Boy I'm hot, kids be Calling me blaze
In the industry Í'm not, they be Calling me slave
I ain't tryna burn the spot, but I'm setting my way
I'm just a Product of the block, and the city im raised
Im still living by the code
Too many pretty women still living by the strode daddy pimping them for dough
Early in the morning cops kicking in the door/do'
Man I Think somebody's snitching on the low
I caught my father sniffing on that snow
That's when he tried to tell me things are different than before
Kids dont listen any mo', thats fo' sho'
We used to ask permission from my fo'
Ain't no food up in the kitchen cause we broke
I ain't tryna miss Another, meal cause love it get you killed
And if it dont your baby mother will
But y'all ain't recognizing that is, real
Untill that undercover pulls his shield
And now it's kinda late to cut the deal
So I ain't gotta tell you how I feel
While im tryna get my pockets stuffed with hundred dollar bills
I should've went to school and get a skill
But it wasn't in my future so I steeled, thats why I got this Fruger in ya' grill

Cracking [?] is one of the best
Now, feel the force of the full Court press
I apply to kiss the death, something for real the realness
Untouchable, Alien nesc, you select of vet
Take me off the bench, I supose to lynch,¨
The angel in the air you can smell my stench
Soldiers in the trench, moving east to west
I gave you a note, you can keep the rest
RIP the whole coast when I heat the flesh
At the greek fest, hit a couple of bars
Smash rips on strips like bumber cars
You're amongst the odds, with lies in the pelly
The baby, nine, the size of a celly
Now it's a dilemma like Nelly and Kelly
Milk Pirelli Tower when I peel it in a hurry
The fist of fury martini with a cherry
Is very neccecary when I make it to the top
I'mma pop adi Very staten Island fairy where the legends were made
In the staircase throw a rap grenade
Take it back in the day, get clapped for your chain
"F" the blood bath it will be half of the pain
He is a high grand bullet women call him daddy
Fishtank shoes jump out the Caddy
Grand finali yo the champ is here
The cameras clear under the chandelier
While you standing there, like you can hold it down
Its nine of us all of us rock the crown
Tear it down down to the last compound
New York mixed with a Compton style
Roll bonkers wild, on the stomping ground
Lay down the carpet when I'm walking down the isle
Then Telephone [?] keep stalking the child
For misdemeaner now I'm going to triel
So included it exile like my sex while
Private jet style who's the livest vet now`
Pass me a wet towel dont get wedged now
I ring it your chest when I let the tech growl

[Masta Killa]
We used to rock um, leather gooses, with cheap skin coats and barmers
British Walkers, Sharp skinned [?]
Playboy black sways, Three finger rings name plate rope chains
DVD, nylon cazal frames, and Matching with the Kangol hat
You couldn't have it, brother might snatch it
Flashback 1 90 E, with the

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