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Mr. Hyde - Married To Pain | Текст песни

Pain...how dare you use that word? What youth it shows to me. It's only a shadow
Pain has a face. Allow me to show it to you. I am pain..

We are gathered here today to join these two in holy matrimony
Are you willing to accept pain as your lawfully wedded wife? (I Do)
And are you willing to accept this piece of a shit as your lawfully wedded victim? (I Do!!!)
I know pronounce you married to pain!

[Mr. Hyde]
It's Mr. Hyde you fuckin whore best be lockin up your door
Contaminators filled with gore stitch you up to cut you more
Blood is what you lost, you're a very lucky corpse
Slicin you like Vietnam people cuttin puppy dogs
You know my Glock is live so be cautious not to die
Fuck with Hyde and shots will fire cross the T's and dot the I's
Crews are losin lots of lives if they battlin my zombies
We bustin bullet holes all up in your Abercrombies
Blood is gushin out when my knuckles touch your mouth
Don't give a fuck about teeth in my fist I'll pluck 'em out
Reachin for my shank leavin 2 ducks with scars
Right through guts I carve I'm cooped up and starved
Nestled in my basement my testament's enslavement
If you speakin hostile you be wrestlin with crazed men
Cave men with appetites that all attack at nights
Salt will make your wounds sting like a yellow jacket bite
Don't believe I burst techs you ain't seen the worst yet
I'll kill your fuckin seed before he takes his first step

Accept your vows you're married to pain
Don't take it personal but kid you had to be slain
I'll hack through your skull and spit on your corpse
And if the pulse stops consider it a divorce
Before I fill the torch up you best to sign the pre-nup
Or you'll need surgery like a porno star with B cups
Married to pain I be disparagin frames
Fuck a scene I'll let my foes scars carry my name

[Mr. Hyde]
I'm different from normal dudes cause I got a shorter fuse
And I'm in the sorta mood to slaughter you with fortitude
My hatchet presents a very violent offense
Blood leakin out of your vest til your apparel is drenched
You got beef I'll let my ice slit your mug
The concrete connects with triplets of blood
Divide you in fourths just like you sign a divorce
Then I'll drop in a plot sprinkle all on your corpse
The stench starts to fade but you are trenched in a grave
If your flesh can't be saved bums eventually rape
They'll feast like the holidays at least til you rot away
So much meat it's like they hit the lottery
No seeds to debauchery it runs in my veins
I'm always lookin for an object to bludgeon your brains
The intent is tainted when I commit a blatant sin
Like stickin razors in your flesh to irritate your skin
I'm lettin satan in he's takin over the wheel
I get to break your limbs he gets my soul in the deal


[Mr. Hyde]
Yeah that's right mother fuckers it's Mr. Hyde up in here. Heavily hackin you up
Give a big mother fuckin shot to Ming the Merciless, Eriz Hustler, Scotty Wax, NGP
And all my fucked up flesh eating zombies out there. Keep catchin bodies!

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