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music in our ears :) - That's That Shit | Текст песни

I pull up, whip low in the Phantom
With the wheels spinnin'
Ladies like
That's that shit
I'm in the back of the club
Blowin' trees
Hands up, head bobbin' like
That's that shit
In the spot where the girls go wild
Dancing titty bar style
I'm like
That's that shit

[R. Kelly]
Snoop Dizzle (Hey)
Your boy Kells (Hey)
Let me hear you say
That's that shit

[Snoop Dogg]
Let's get this party jumpin'
Me and Kel gone get it bumpin'
They humpin'
Like when it's over
We gone all get into somethin'
The Dog is fresh
Southside without a vest
Nothin on my chest
But these ladies up out the Midwest
I must confess
That in the Chi is so blessed
Leaving nothing on my mind
But Doggy, you and safe sex
This ain't a test
You fucking with a cold mess
Meet me in Chicago
Let me get you to this real west
It's real strong
Real fat and real long
Doggies in the building
Holdin' something they can feel up on
And once they get it
Something they can build up on
Take that skinny nigga home
Work that filling till it's gone
Get that home grown
Put that shit on Daddy long
I know how you ladies do it
T-shirt with no panties on
Let's get this shit crackin'
Kell and Doggy Dogg in action
If you in here all alone
You might get this dog bone


[Snoop Dogg]
Dip low, Six-Four
Hundred spokes and chronic smoke
All these ladies on the floor
Cuz they know what we in here for
Dogg and Kelly came to ball
Get your ass up off the wall
Let that middle wiggle
Now make that shit fall
Not just one, but all y'all
Move it like you want it all
Let me see you bounce it for me
Work that shit for Doggy Dogg
You gots to do it
Is that your crew
Bring 'em too
Come here let me take you through it
Then once Kelly get into it
We can get this after party
Poppin' everybody
Got themselves another body
Knockin' out
Without protection though
That's my confession
But at the spot
If you just think
Your gonna listen
You can drop it like it's hot
Hold up
I came to cool out
Lay back and get blown
Maybe Henny, maybe gin
A couple shots of Patron
And if you didn't you missed it
But now it's known
That this cash shit
Kells sing that song


So if you think you got the bomb shit
(Holla at a playa) [X3]
And if you lookin' for some good sex
(Holla at a playa) [X3]
Girl if you ever in the 3-1-2
(Holla at a playa) [X3]
And if you're ever in the 2-1-3
(Holla at a playa) [X3]

[Chorus X2]

[R. Kelly]
Let me hear you say
That's that shit

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