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Outlawz - U Can Be Touched | Текст песни


U can be touched
U can be touched
U can be touched

(Verse One: 2pac)

Oh God forgive me
Mother please say a prayer for me
Needing a father
But he was never there for me
Believing everything they feed me
I'm seeing demons
I wake up screaming
Who'd believe me or was I dreaming?
Five fingers on the .45 chrome
Dead aim at my brain, infrared with no lights on
I ain't afraid to die, want to see what's after this
I'm living blind writing rhymes
Till they capture this
If I die let the world understand why
Soldier my eyes hate to see a black man cry
They picture me inside a casket that's how they see us
Oh God forgive us ghetto bastards
We human beings
Seeing us inside this hell-hole
Just waiting to fail
So they tell us that's what jail's for
Adolescence young dream's turned violent
Explodin', in a world turned silent
Cause you could be touched

(Chorus: 2pac)

My young niggas in the wild life
(U Can be touched)
Criminal mind of a juvenile still live a child life
(U Can be touched)
Thinking he can make his pay
Too in a rush, niggas better slow down
(U Can be touched)
Cause you can be touched
Young niggas in the wild life
Criminal mind of a juvenile still live a child life
(U Can be touched)
Thinking he can make his pay
Too in a rush, niggas better slow down
Cause you can be touched

(Verse Two: E.D.I)

Imagine us up in this game you'se a veteran
Bouncin' up in yo' plush spot watchin' David Letterman
Clearly made it and it's
Clearly stated
By that 30 yard pool the 5 car's the women and the jewels
Richness, oozes out yo' paw's
But only you and God knows the evil you did to get yours
Crossed ever nigga that ever trusted you
Just a scared nigga afraid one day they might bust at you
Look at you done came so far but did to much, and got
To a point in the game where ya ass is stuck
Touched you
Because the Don gave the word too
He was gonna ran unprepared and got laced on and got murdered

(Verse Three: Kastro)

Now I was born in the city that never sleeps
Schooled by the realest of the real niggas
That ever breathed
Initiated as an Outlaw
Back in '94
Snuck in the jaw and ever since I wanted more
Older niggas givin' me the game
Nobodies to touch me
On everybody's game
I put my cards on the table and look through them carefully
While everybody's racin'
Stay aware cause everyday there's
Another nigga dead
And this should tell you somethin' knowin' everybody dies (Yeah)
Sometimes it's just for nothin'
I know that I could be got but should they shoot me I'm shot
Touched me, trust me my nuts mean a lot
U can be touched

(Chorus: 2pac)

(Verse Four: Hussein Fatal)

How you gonna live a life when you can't see in front of you?
I know and still know shorty hard
I'm one of you
Thinkin' that it just can't happen this quick
Cause you run in the town and put that shit on a brick
Now don't nobody know you but the cop's and robber's
Leavin' school with problem's
Tryna blame it on our father
But his place that you livin' in shit
Straight knowin' that's the place you gonna die
Probably why you ain't givin' a shit

(Verse Five: Napoleon)

While addicted
Livin' my life lost and wicked
Nigga forget it
Cause all that clownin' won't prevent this gat from blowin'
Me and my Outlawz we roam
Should have thought before you crossed now my big homies knowin'
And that's the wrongest of wrong
With the strength of the strong
Fuck around with Napo' should have moved out ya' home
Cause nigga I'm knowin'
Who you fuckin' where you goin'

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