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Pill - Pacman (Remix) feat. Rick Ross, Tity Boi, Meek Mill, Yo Gotti & Gunplay | Текст песни

[Hook: Rick Ross]
There he go, that's John Doe!
There he go, that's John Doe!
There he go, that's John Doe
And I'm still whipping up a kilo!

There he go, that's John Doe
All my power pellets turn you bitch niggas to ghost!
Pacman: over 100 sold
Pacman: just order 100 more!

Pacman: you can fry it in the pan!
Pacman: in no time, you'll be buying land
Pacman, do it for your mom and them
Pacman until I get 100 M's

[Verse 1: 2 Chainz]
Me and Pacman just ordered a bunch of ones
Don't get around us then if you don't plan on fucking us
Got my apron on, I'm about to cook a hundred cookies
On that codeine, I fall asleep up in that pussy
Hotel suite bigger than you're dad's crib
My pistol's pregnant, I think it's about to have kids
Straight flavor, I can serve it as is
But I'd rather whip and I follow with Ross ad libs!
Ta- two seater got a bunch of work in it
Two liter Sprite got a bunch of purp in it
They ask me what my name? I told them 2 Chainz
With two yellow bones walking out the blue flame


[Verse 2: Meek Mill]
They he go with that john doe
Buff green like rondo
Bad hoes in my condo
My wrist cost what you signed fo'
Early morning like Alonzo
Fast paper no grind slow
We ain't lettin' them pies go
Cause yall niggas smellin like 5-0
36 my favorite number
I told my dogs
This year gon' be my favorite summer
They scream they got it
I'm like say ya number
We'll be straight to ya
Have the state troopers try to take us under (gone!)
Ridin' with a hundred years
When I was broke I use to pray to get a hundred squares
They sellin' work but ain't nothin' there
They sell us that we box em like a fucking square


[Verse 3: Yo Gotti]
I'm Pacman niggas after me
I'm shooting at these niggas galaxy
No myth million dollar salary
I'm john doe federales after me
The streets is mine I'm talkin' deep
Fifty-five hun'ed you can get a quarter key
Gold rolly dope man presidential
White phantom boss shit residential
House look like a motherfuckin' shopping center
Closet look like motherfuckers shoppin' in it
Gucci shoes Louis loafers
Million dollars cash in my granny sofa


[Verse 3: Gunplay]
? the office kilo
Count to three you only zero
Look my rims 30 inches but the tires thread a needle
Bounce a ounce trampoline it
We ain't shootin' samples neither
Either cope it or kickin rocks
Snatch it or leave it
I stay with the feeling the feds'll rush me any minute
Handcuff me with a sentence 'til the calendars is finished
For balancing some chickens trickin' on some pigeons
And puttin' down with niggas try to ? in business
They he go that's pac man and ?
Right in the center straight salmon now that's ?
Shoot it Snort it Inhale it it 'on't matter
Just know ya head get patched for a pellet


[Verse 4: Pill]
They call me pac man but no adam jones
The referees threw a flag the way I tackle zones
Graduated out the trap I got my tassle on
Real G's gettin' cheese gettin' my packers on
Super bowl ring on my pinky gettin brain
My 62's is swole they callin' em ving rhames
Dropped it off an I count it up that's enough for ten chains
All time score leader this only my tenth game
Pocket watchers get pocket rockets
Profit off in my 'partment make sure there's no empty stockings
Stockin' up on watches cause time is of the essence
Pacquiao of the pyrex its 9 I'm finna stretch it


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