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Redman - Da Goodness (feat. Busta Rhymes) (IBE 2005) | Текст песни

Yo, bless the steel, step out dressed to kill
Spark the L, "Whattup Doc?" What the deal?
Clock the squeal, the MC overkill
Certified cylinders 35 mil'
Jumpin out planes, Doc's Da Name
Cock the flame, back to delete the pain
Hater, IKSRFO, don't Piscapo
Hit the safe for cake, shoulda switched to coal
Nigga, sneak a pound through custom drug hounds
Bound to rob your neighborhood Walbaums
Me and my man jumpin out Sedans
Tappin your jaw, like Sugar Ray did Duran
I, execute like wars in Beirut
Twenty-two inch rims to parachute out the Lex Coupe
The rhythm hit em without the venom in em
Pen'll scare them with the shit I pull out the John Lennon
Hah, Dogstar, your girl smokin a lot
I been had a demo before "Ridin' High"
Five whips straight up, cash out the car lot
Clorox your Fort Knox, til y'all call SWAT
Bite off your ear for a souveneir
Switch from Red to Roy, give you Primal Fear
If you don't know the click then you're smokin wet
Funk Doc, Def Squad, from the Jersey set

Wild the fuck out, smoke the fuck out
Drink the fuck out, freak the fuck out
Bug the fuck out, scream the fuck out
Black the fuck out, act the fuck out
Do you feel it in your body? Shake your stinkin ass [x2]
Do you wanna rock a party? Shake your stinkin ass
Do you wanna get naughty? Shake your stinkin ass

Ooooh-weeee! I think the heat is on
Ninety-seven Cheech and Chong, I'm reachin y'all
Right on, my palm is like the cape on Spawn
Active frequency, trip the car alarm
Ribbit Ribbit Ribbit, got moves to make
Choose the date, today you hallucinate
Smokin me out without war, torn, ghettoes
Opposite of Goodfellows, Dinero
Go to any borough who rock the mic thorough
Got your wife sayin, "Not tonight, hello!"
Money talk, bullshit walk, ask Kris
The baptist, roll Garcia's with hashish
You need classes for practice to tap this
Jurassic crab shaft nasty ass bitch
Hot potato, drop the data
Guard your Emancipation Proclimator
Lock shit down, cock the pound - no doubt
As a juvenile, brought cazals off canal
Brick City be the pros at wildin out
off at the mouth, get dressed like Thousand Isle
Got a degree, on the hash and the leaky
Crash in the V while we Master the P
I beez Bout It Bout It, causin low mileage
Blacka, make Zsa Zsa Gabor cha-cha
Spit somethin to you then turn your eyes cockeyed
Down with the Outz - ah ha ha, ha ha!
Yo tremblin, pickin up the pen again, adrenaline
Got impact like DJ Boo on "Benjamins"
Sentiment, hit you with your thongs and your Timberland
Fuck ya, rob ya, cops say, "It's them again!"

Choke the fuck out, joke the fuck out
Sweat the fuck out, pass the fuck out
Black the fuck out, flip the fuck out
Drunk the fuck out, bug the fuck out
Do you feel it in your body? Shake your stinkin ass [x2]
Do you wanna rock a party? Shake your stinkin ass
Do you wanna get naughty? Shake your stinkin ass

[Busta Rhymes]
Yo, Pepe LePew I ain't messin wit you
or stressin your crew, your own niggaz be testin you too
Fuckin wit you, makin your bitch unbuckle her shoe
Watchin this bitch while she already know what she wanna do
She follow me home, and on the way she swallow me bone
The Don Corleone, she wildin all inside of my zone
C'mon bitch, let me creep you out, peepin you out
Sneakin you out, over to my crib, freakin you out
Eveready, now turn off the telly, turn off the celly
The way I be hittin it got you sweatin makin you smelly
Shit funky like your mother with her STINKIN ass
Type of shit that'll have you aggie and ready to blast, WHOO!
Baby just hold a second and give me a chance
Let me go put my rubber on so that we really can dance
Now we huggin you know we fuckin until my nuts bust out
Cardiac arrest of the pussy and pass the fuck out

Bug the

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