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[SAS] Waka Flocka Flame - G Check (YG Hootie, Bo Deal & Joe Moses) | Текст песни

[Hook- Waka]
I see this nigga reppin', right side hangin', flamed up bangin', what set your ass claimin'?
G Check, G Check, G Check, G Check, G Check, G Check, G Check, G Check
I ran up on this nigga, who ya big homie? Ask him what his lingo, he said I don't need no
G Check, G Check, G Check, G Check, G Check, G Check, G Check, G Check

[Verse1- YG Hooti]
Ran up on this nigga, (nigga!)
Finna' check the boys status (What's happenin'?)
Looked him right up in his eyes like
Nigga where you from?
Who yo big homie? (What's happenin'?)
What block you niggas bang? (Whoo!)
Who you know up on that yard?
Talkin' real big homies
Respect all the riders, G checkin' all the phonies
Ain't fuckin' with no suckas
They lyin' when they say they know me
I'm from West Side Bompton (West Side Bompton)
God bless all my riders, death to my enemies
I'm takin' niggas flags, niggas better leave the spot
For all the niggas on my block, it's like me snitchin' to the cops
Out of line, you get disciplined
Better do some missions, then
I didn't get my name for free
Fuck, I had to get it in


[Verse 2- Bo Deel]
Nigga front ill hit em up
Nigga what? We can get a mut
Pussy niggas ain't real as us
Just like the candle, I lit him up
Always talkin' that tough shit
I ain't the nigga to fuck with
Choppas loadin' up, niggas foldin' up
Superman couldn't duck this
Bo Deel, big boss
VL is all I know
Catch you in that field, ho
Steamers rollin' up real slow
Niggas breakin'out scared as fuck
Tuckin' tails, you a man, or what?
I ain't think so
Cock it, squeeze
I'm droppin everything standin' up
Lay down or get laid down
40 cal and AK down
What you claim? Better say it now
You got a gun? Better spray it now
Or you will get your ass knocked off when the Glock cough
Topped off
Dum-dums will leave you burnin' like hot sauce


[Verse 3- Joe Moses]
It' money over everything
Five-four weddin' ring
Married to the Mob
All I know is Mighty Brim Gang
B's up, what it do?
Five zero, five two
Thirty-seven, sixty-two
The set is like a fuckin' zoo
Lion and them tigers
I be mobbin' like them YGs
AK and choppa niggas
Silence when that choppa squeeze
Fuck 'em, Waka Flocka
All out is like the new mob
When we say fuck 'em new whips, this is Bricksquad
Down like I'm 'posed to be
Niggas don't get close to me
I'm bloodin', bitch
This blood's on the set, this how this supposed to be
We thuggin', bitch, we 'posed to be
We killin' shit, you 'posed to grieve
Shug Gotti tell 'em who got the streets haha


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