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Tech N9ne - Colorado (feat. B.o.B, Krizz Kaliko, Rittz, ¡Mayday!, Stevie Stone & Ces Cru) | Текст песни

Yeah, uh-huh, uh-oh, no, damn

[Tech N9ne]
It-it-it-it-it-it that good Colora-do

[Hook: B.o.B]
Toke, toke, toke, toke, you know it's that fire, I can't get no higher!
Toke, toke, toke, toke, I came to turn the night up, now watch me as I light up

[Tech N9ne]
Hey, I smoke in Amsterdam, in Denmark, Christiana!
Canada, then Germany, now everybody in this twist ganja
Now I wanna go to my second home big Tech is prone to conjure
Some of that new legal purple good Colorado-marijuana

[Stevie Stone]
Break it down, curl it up, fire it up, pass it ‘round
Got that dope, eighth and a dream and cuddle with a purp when I'm in a town
Nobody fucks with regular, on my shit spectacular
Hit it for the low shit gotta be real loud, and this wild next to ya
Rhino rolling in the most, hydro mixed with indigo
Blaze that shit, really can't get no high, but niggas still feel me though
Shoakin' dough, blazin' fire, roll 'em up, mile high
Lovin' Colorado strawberry kush open wide

[Tech N9ne]
Put you lighters up in the sky when the nigga do it
For the homeboy Pakelika, Restin' in Reffa!
Smoking that good Keisha
Through a vaporizor with a feature
Tech N9ne, I'mma kick it everytime
When I ease my mind, I hit my bottle
But they legalized it in my second home
When I go I'mma hit that good Colora-do

[Hook] (2X)

You already know what it is, tappin' bottles, chippin' lips
Rollin' up another thumper, then we on the way to kill another gig
Info, Frizz, Stevie, Tech, Ubi and Picasso too
Joggin', I'll get it open, talkin' smoke so loud that I can't hear you
Look at me walkin' sideways, wavy but I'm not sloppy
And I'm burnin' down the bush, with the chief the spirits have got me
Better roll up you know I'm cold as fuck, going nuts iffin' I'm up in your place
Takin' a hit of the purp I'mma hold it in and blow it in your face!

[Info Gates]
{*Cough*} Info Gates {*Cough*} bitch don't hate
I showed up at the studio bars official
Cause I'm on trees like carved initials
I got that Candy Maldonado but I've been KC, not Colorado
So if a cop finds this avocado
I got in this medicine bottle I gotta get

Be hittin' the indica strain when it get in my brain
That it isn't the same, I'm twistin the flame
Light up, the Ces is definitely beneficial for the pain
That medical Jane never synthetic you know photosynthesis gettin' the blame
Blowin' legit if you switchin' the state, uh, blow the piff and I'm driftin' away
When I'm out in the Springs with a mountain to king
I'm countin the ounces they bring, they offer that kush (Kush)
They burnin' the bush, they 'bout it no doubt it's a thing
I'm jackin' the cyph, then I'm coming for Colorado for over half of my life
I came from about it back in the day, got a habit for packin' the sack in the pipe
I blowin' that it in

[Hook] (2X)

Been an outlaw for minute though, smokin' out with no shame
Blowin' loud out of my sun roof back in the Sunshine State
But then boys offered that cake so it's a cat and mouse type chase
So I growin' eyes on my back and droppin' brains over my face
I need a high estate, elevate, gotta get back up to that Denver stage
Where the fans are Strange and the air is thin
But I smoke is thick I just can't explain
Sparkin', puffin', passin', ease your pain and all these forms of fashion
I think it's only right to celebrate it, just get

Up-up high, get 'em up-up high
Stuck in the sky, we gotta lust let's fly
And I just met my angel dangled
With a halo and a bud supply
Went over limits and you heard the tale
About my freaked out tweaked out weed dung

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