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Tech N9ne - EMJ (Feat. Jay Rock, Magnum PI, ¡Mayday!, Irv da Phenom, Kutt Calhoun & Stevie Stone) | Текст песни

[Intro: Tech N9ne]
The sadness gets deeper, and now my body's growing weaker
To EMJ this is dedicated; through this, you'll never belated, bro

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
I told him, I ain't know you rap nigga, you cold blooded
The way he busted his flow on stage wasn't slow was it
My nigga was flippin', he grabbed the mic and was rippin'
Until some idiots was trippin' and then I heard bullets whistling
Then I sang 'em, I just want to celebrate, he laughed
Cause said he's "writing a song called Reno 911 straight on they ass"
Far as words go, it's crazy them were the last I heard
EMJ on this emotional musical journey

[Hook: Krizz Kaliko]
Come ride with me, it's so sad to see, still ride with me
So join me, let me share with this world as I live out the dreams
We won't be gone for long, I promise you won't be alone
If you lose me, I'm writing the words of this song
My man Michael Jones, on this emotional musical journey

(Yo, this is OG Muggs, wanna shout out to my man EMJ
God took you away, it was too soon man
You're up there with the angles looking down
And watching our world right now brother
We love you, we miss you, we'll never forget you EMJ
Rest in peace brother)

[Verse 2: Irv Da Phenom]
That was my nigga
In the bunk right across from mine
Cracking them jokes like all the time
Hoppin' on stage with him every night
And why niggas
Would ever wanna take somebody's life
Who was living it like a shining light
Man all the homie ever did was smile
I still don't understand it, don't think I ever will
Why I couldn't have been the bitch nigga
That god had let get killed
Instead he took EMJ away, it's safe to say
I'll see your face again someday, at pearly gates
But I hold you in my heart until

[Verse 3: Kutt Calhoun]
At times I'm like
Yo EMJ, where you been?
I know you lookin' down on me like
"Here I am, Kutty!
And I ain't wanting for nothin' homie
No, mourning do nothin' for me
Your love is enough in store in its glory
Or what, so pour me a drink
We can cheer and toast, giving thanks to why
You didn't lose a partner, you gained a gangsta for life
In your heart I exist, but through music I'm able to live
I see the way you floss me all on your wrist
And that's what's up, man"


(On my highest day my nigga, you was there
Now I'm on my lowest day, cause you're not here
I miss you my nigga, love you EMJ)

[Verse 4: Bernz]
I seen a cruel bitch, met her in Reno Nevada
She'll have you living your dreams and take 'em all with no problem
In dark alley ways, where devils wait for the shootout
At someone who was special, I told my family about him
I saw his first tour, he told me Tech was his hero
And watched him from the crowd, to then go rock the same theaters
Step out of bounds and rounds can fly, behind casinos
On the night I never gambled and still lost it all in Reno

[Verse 5: Wrekonize]
If I only had 8 bars, to come and deliver to you in the graveyard
I'd say god is shitty for even releasing you behind the 8-ball
The pain's hard, I know you got kiddies to carry your name on
But I'm praying for 'em, so they don't end up just singing the same song
I'm hearing it in my sleep, I'm hearing it in the head
There's whispers on the beat, screaming EMJ where you been
I promise you everyone out here shed tears, until he remembers
High powered mayhem, EMJ, Mayday's 7th member

[Verse 6: Stevie Stone]
Remember like it was yesterday, show up in Reno
Off of the bus and to off a Bourbon then we hit the Casino
And then we, we did the show an we was only
It was all that crying and you and Rock was on that homie
Never should have left you lonely, you took six and survived it
Talked to you a couple days ago, still riding
No one never thought there was complications rising
A blood clot inside him, EMJ died I'm like

(EMJ, it's Cross-Eyed Joe man, we all fucking miss you bro)
(EMJ, what can I say man, rest in paradise
Rest in paradise pimpin, we love you)

[Verse 7: Jay Rock]
Michael Jones, I miss you my nigga
EMJ, still tryna cope with this
Still can't believe that you gone and I know I gots to be strong
Revenge is mine said the lord, so we gotta let him take control
But lord knows that I wanna grab the gat
Cock back and land a blow and watch heads roll
You was a talented man, I watched you gravitate fans
Shouted out where you been, people was all in a trance
Then we step on stage, you'd say "You killin 'em, Rock"
Then I'd say "You killin 'em, MJ," then you say "Let's put on for Watts"
You strong as an ox, in the bed just laying with shots
Laughing and jokin', meanwhile I'm going through emotions
Then you tell me Jay Rock, you gotta keep goin' on daddio
Your album about to drop, plus you can't be slacking bro
Yeah fo' sho' my nigga, I know this a minor set back
But you told me keep killin' 'em, you gon' be alright
I'mma be back, no time bet that, then I got that phone call
It was bad news at its best and it hurt me
That I lost my friend on this emotional musical journey

[Verse 8: Magnum PI]
Hold up roll up a Swisher, light up and paint a picture
Only if painted different, I would have been right there with you
So instead of cryin', I rejoice and pour out some liquor
Henny straight or mix it with lemonade, feel like I should be ashamed
I had to look you mama dead in the face
She told me everything was gon' be okay
You told me if anything you should be on your way home any day
Soon as we all relaxin' the phone rang, heard her sayin'
I'm goin' crazy, it's crazy, I'm thinkin' maybe just maybe
I'm misunderstandin' what your lady was sayin'
Naw-naw, you can't be serious, stop your talkin' delirious
Got my mom on the phone, you already know where his spirit went
So I drink that Hen 'til there no more left, right that wrong no it don't go left
Write this song try not stress, gotta be strong yet fight to death
As far as visions go that's that was last way that I saw
EMJ on this emotional musical journey


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