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The Game - Doctor's Advocate(feat. Busta Rhymes) | Текст песни

I didn't mean to walk away
But I hear every word they say
I guess my mind just drew a blank, like la-la-la
Now I'm sitting in this god damned cage
Reminiscing about my day
With your blood all over my slate as the devil sings la-la-la

[Verse 1: Game]
Dre, I ain't mean to turn my back on you
But I'm a man, and sometimes a man, do what he gotta do
Remember, I'm from Compton too
I saw you and Eazy in 'em, so I started wearin' khaki suits
I was 12 smokin' chronic, in '92
I had a choice.. be like Mike, or be like you
I made a choice, now its be Crip or be Piru
Whatever I was, I was bangin' 'Gin & Juice'
Never knew back then, I'd be friends with Snoop
Now I gotta keep it gangsta, cause its in my roots
So I owe you my life, when I betrayed you
I tried to think of what the fuck.. Eminem might do
If every nigga hated him, for the 'Black Bitch' track
And niggas stopped bumpin' Dre after Dee Barnes got slapped
When Doc say its a wrap (its a wrap)
Its still Aftermath, and ain't nothing after that


[Verse 2: Game]
I never said 'Thank You', and I took for granted
You let me in your house, and made me a part of your family
Now I'm eatin' with you, Eve, and Busta Rhymes
I wasn't starstruck, I was just glad to be signed
And even though sometimes I run loose
You still my homeboy Doc, I'd take a bullet for you
I'm not askin' you to take my side in the beef
But you told me it was okay to say "Fuck The Police"
Now its my turn to carry the torch
And I still got the chain that you wore on the cover of The Source
Remember when we got drunk, to do 'Start From Scratch'?
I told you.. you was like a father to me I meant that
Sittin' here lookin' at my platinum plaques
Thinkin' what the fuck am I without a Doctor Dre track
When Doc say its a wrap (its a wrap)
Its still Aftermath, and ain't nothing after that


[Verse 3: Busta Rhymes]
See when the world is on your shoulder and the stress grows bigger
The fire in 'em, made it difficult to talk to the nigga
Most of the time I let 'em know.. I dont agree wit' what he do
But he a hardhead Dre, thats why I'm talkin' to you
See, when I first met my nigga, son was layin' in the cut
Type reserve, homie was quite and kept his mouth shut
Until you told him to spit for me, he flippin' from the gut
I dug his spirit, and I thought the dude was talented as fuck
As time went on, now he was workin' with the finest
I saw the pressure started to build, so I gave 'em additional guidance
You gave him something that can make or break a nigga, you should face it
So big, I don't even think he was ready to embrace it
With the potential to be a strong nigga with conviction
The only problem was our little nigga wouldn't listen
But when Doc say its a wrap (its a wrap)
Its still Aftermath
And ain't nothing after that



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