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U-God Ft. Leather Face - to the Rescue | Текст песни

Yo, yo, yo, yo
Vendetta inside, swiftly start stabbin
One second to meltdown, feel the twin cannons
Burn, handgun herns, standin firm
Return from mega-death, I'll tell you what's left
Dilemma, Earth tremor, up by man
With the Grand Canyon rap, U dynamic wingspan
The Power from the Clan, yo, is more than fantastic
Pull pins out the hazard, on this Battlestar Galactic'
Skull tactic, sporatic, Asiatic, long awaited
Son of Sam, mention the mic mutated
You hated us, cuz we immortal on wax
Rip the China White shit, flip a dynamite ax
Shillac em perhaps, the heart pump an anti-toxin
Feed me the Power, meteor shower when I'm boxin

[Chorus: U-God]
Professional vets, now comin through vexed
I'm testin you vets, what you claimin that you best?
The S on your chest, better stand for Super-stress
And Leatha Face pressed, next, here to set you
REC! I suggest niggas come To the Rescue

[Leatha Face]
I know how to part your medula, oblong gotta
Test the rocket launcher, they'll get conquered
By my block sponsers, monster Tonka truck ya
The whole train conductor
A hole in your spine, rip your stomach mothafucka
Brotha suffer, my Dutch puff as sinister as the Feds
Infrared, signin on the glock, splittin ya head
Drippin wet from death threat messages I inject
Intellect reflects worldwide over Internets
Heart colder than Winter Fresh, chest smokin like incense
Vets broken into the flesh, soakin in ya own mess
Chrome bleds, some of the known best soldier vets
Over cassette, you get smashed like crashed desert air shows
Holdin ya breath, gaggin for a bit of oxygen
Submission put a stop to men, reveal the foul document
Lockin position, invision, adapt critical condition
Pitiful you didn't listen, now we're spiritual blessin
Viewer discretion advised, sabotage satellites
Splatter guys, get ya food ate like I'm Big Mac and fries
Trap nines in the thighs, symbolize real lives
Instill a rocket fuck from the inside to the outside
In ya mouth lied the barrel, subdue bone marrow
Ya tone shadow, blown from high-explosive poem battles
Dome smack, you live, projectiles effectin you
Incredible new wave heart, blade sharp verses sexin you
Claim professional, but I never met you
Son I never forget you
I slaughter foes when my particles wet you
To the Rescue

[Chorus: U-God]

Slash hope, raw burnin, freezin thoughts are cold
Ballistic missle lift off, now one behold
My throat harden for Harlem, harness the volume
With grief fallin on me in a breeze, the seas partin
It's two men awesome, uncanny
The handy man crook, the rap gank where every damn nook and cranny
Plus four more opponents couldn't throw me, couldn't slam me
I told you before, this is war, it's radical claw
Menate the the law, practice my ambition
Understand determination, plus my burnin condition
Rebuild 'em, sing a song strong for disaster
Scorch 'em on a letter, clever, bled 'em much faster
Exotic lens, bionic Timb's, hardco' organic
The floor panic when revolvin, Shaolin dodgin
Potion of my juice, it's "Houston we have a problem"
Its Basic Instinct, motor mouth, hold is sacred
The Rushmore Rock Face, one four shot with the greatness
Raw shoulders, sword colder, no remorse
The crash course, the portions of my Porsche
Divorse it, the Holocaust exhaust, driven with force
Mighty ship back on course, I almost lost it
Toss the smokin corpse, seldom sing
Shells amongst men, rebellion, teens formin and swarmin
Vikin style, strikin without warnin a nation
Standin ovation, rap devastation
New animation, the scandal
Bandle the best part, damsel in distress, I'll bless you
God damn you! To the rescue

[Chorus: U-God]

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