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XV Feat. Kristina Rose - UFC | Текст песни

It’s fuckin' crazy

[Verse 1]
Uh, liquor over ice, livin' over life
Better pay attention, before this shit is overpriced
I could handle-bars before I even rode a bike
And if its quotes that you want, man I meet that quota nice
Looney Tunes the flow, going lunar as a solar night
Time it like a cobra strike, grinding like an overbite
Put it in the air, yeah Vizzy with the soda flight
Tell them lay the pen down and get X like bowling strikes
Cooler than chewin’ polar ice in the South Pole
Going HAM like Pam, knock them out cold
You’re so crazy, the crowd goes wild
Hands go up and down like the Dow Jones
Well hello my dear, my name is Vizzy
I’m a cool rapper, but who isn't?
I’m the “who done it”, these niggas is “who didn'ts”
Ask who I am, I say dude listen

[Hook: XV & Kristina Rose]
Tell them how I do this, tell them why they play me
Tell them I guarantee and tell them why they pay me
Tell them who I am and tell them who I ain’t G
Tell me why you love me, tell me why you hate me, cause
You fucking crazy, you fucking crazy (I heard that)
You fucking crazy, you fucking crazy (I heard that)
You fucking crazy, you fucking crazy (I heard that)
You fucking crazy

[Verse 2]
You know I’m on one
Play no games, but on one
Say my name to no one, Lisa play my lonesome
Cause I’m as hot as four suns, you popular as four nuns
Kick that shit like fee-fi, you spit that shit like fo-fum
Who you know that come up out that middle state?
Getting props like real estate
Mamma raise an ill kid, you can call me Gilbert Grape
Don’t chill, I’m chilling, come through make a building shake
Don’t let me eat, I’m Ricky Henderson, I’ll steal a plate
Take whoever you favor and do yourself a favor, man
Don’t put my name by their’s, put it by a greater than
What’s your release date? Why you even making plans?
You niggas brick like Steve Carrel, Anchorman
I make the chicks who wanna go go with me
Cuz you ain’t never gonna feel gold when we kick it
So I’m part ridiculous, Eli Porter retarded
Tell them I did it, why they get me started?


[Verse 3]
Uh, this is Mark Biller, J Dilla, Atila the Hun
Gorilla on drums, no filler it's fun
My voice killing these bums, Ted Williams
Ask should I do it, they say "yeah kill 'em"
Ok I do it like I knew I shouldn’t
Prove it like they knew I couldn’t
Blew up and they said I wouldn't
Nigga is you fucking stupid
The girls love the X, man
They makin' they next man
An ex man cause she ain’t trying to fuck with mutants
One girl plus one girl, so there ain’t nothing to it
Give them my Bret Hart, excellence of execution
Far from the biggest loser, but she saying that she done waited all this time
Now it’s time to fucking lose it
She ain’t trying to do shit, get that Ciroq in her
No chasing like Vince she got an entourage with her
Bring your girl Nicki and we can have a ménage with her
Said she untouchable, well I’m Kevin Costner


XV you fucking crazy
Don't laugh at me


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