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XV - Hi, Life [Prod. By The Awesome Sound] | Текст песни

Hi, life; goodbye, world
Feel like I can fly to the moon
Living that high life, in my world
And now I think I'm gonna leave soon
So I say hi, life; goodbye, world
Feel like I can fly to the moon
Cause I'm so high
(I'm so gone, man I'm so high)

[Verse 1]
Millionaire shades, I am for a lifeline
Looking at the stars, the TV is my nighttime
Left my watch at home, it never is the right time
You ain't in your right mind? Shit, I can't even find mine
Boy in the hood, smoking on that sticky shit
Hole in my chest, kind of like Ricky's is
Make my team all-spark like Sam Witwicky did
'Til my life is gravy to the point I think I'm really shit
Mama always ground me, funny how I fly now
Put no one above I, maybe just my eyebrows
I just want to love life; world, I'm saying bye now
'Til I'm dead in your ground, I'm living in my cloud
Life is a bitch, that I won't deny
But when she treat me good, she's a lady in my eyes
All I want is her, and all she want is mine
But man, I only love her when she's high
But still I say...


What did I tell you?
Baby, we have no rules...
Don't you want me? (Yeah)

[Verse 2]
Konichiwa life, everybody's balling
I just see the high lights, and weighing like I'm all in
She offers a fly life, I offer her pollen
She calls me her lover, I love her, she's my darling
She says if I go all out, she will put her all in
I don't ever dial out, waiting for my calling
No one always wins, so everyone's a loser
People pretend to hate her, until the day they lose her
She's my present, past, my Marty McFly future
Music made my life cooler, the tide just didn't suit ya
Tic-tac-toe, put the circle in the square, now X is up
And I got it all from scratch like eczema
Getting too old, putting that lethal weapon up
Hotel key-cards, cheap broads checking us
Life's so right, how many days you got left in ya?
Baby girl is dressed dressed to kill and she ain't even dressing up
In her walls, I'm that guy
She said I'll only see her, if I go outside
Life waves hello, the world tells me bye
But damn, I only love her when she's high


Baby, stay with me
But let me keep you high
Doesn't it feel good? (Yeah)

[Verse 3]
Bonjour, life; the show must begin
And even when it ends I want the encore lights
Condor wings, concord flights
She is my keys, and I am her type
Tangled in a web, she keeps showing me sites
I don't want her to leave, but I know that she might
"Onto the next": the motto she lives by
Wanted to stick around, and I know that she'll try
But why I only love her when she's high?


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