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Young Buck - Laugh Now, Cry Later | Текст песни

{Young Buck talkin}
We look all around tha world its tha same shit i mean niggas tryin to eat and its dryer than a mother fucka around here right now but real hood niggas hold it down no matta what ya heard YE see tha thang bout a real nigga is whatever a bitch nigga do he could never stop that real nigga see we should stand up for tha haters right now because those bitch niggas make tha world go round ha ha ha

{Verse 1}
N yu aint gotta fuck me cuz i aint fuckin with chu
im ridin dirty with this work n my mother picutre
40 cal under my shirt n another pistol
fuck a friend all of ya'll can come n ???
phone calls from pen real niggas with cha
they said they shed a couple tears cuz a nigga miss ya
avodin hoes no award shows they been askin
where that boi go can he even pay his taxes
only lord knows what he do to get the dough
n 50 tellin buck is jealous n tha nigga broke
but we just seen him n we hearin what tha nigga wrote
a nigga ballin even if he is sniffin coke
they prayin on my down fall tryin to ??? ???
but where a nigga come from i dont they kno
push them niggas in the game n they turned on me
for the money n the fame yu gon' learn hommie

i pray to god for these haters(echoes)they haters laugh now cry later haters(echoes) they haters
laugh now cry later

{Verse 2}
bitch im fuckin her when yu was fuckin him
if yu dont wanna fuck with me then hoe fuck yu then
dope boi on tha streets husltin again
yu pussy niggas wanna beef we can get it in
black ??? ??? ??? where ya bangs at
hit ya with tha shit show yu why he came back
hangin out the window bustin on the free way
im with my hommie it was his quarter key play
if obama got a plan nigga where it at
cuz its a drop n nobody knows where its at
but in tha south what we loose we juss get it back
we juss listen to scarface he motivate blacks
then we make stacks
n fuck a cop they can die too
before yu hide me bitch we gon' hide yu
these rappers dont fuck with tha streets like i do
its all good im still gon' stand beside yu
i aint no...


{Verse 3}
Dont look at me cuz i aint givin niggas nothin else
show them love n they leave me by my fuckin self
my heart cold n i kno that it would never melt
i juss gotta play tha cards that a nigga delt
??? through the whole day
ridin dirty in a rental with tha wrong tags
presidental in tha gutter where they doin bad
concentrate on what i got fuck what i had
dirty south is on top n some niggas mad
go take a trip to the ville n yu can get tha swag
ya im glad they don kicked me out tha fuckin group
cuz tha world see that im tha mother fuckin truth
got tha streets like damn hommie what happened to yu
i bet this conversation now they prbly tapin it too
i get paper n yu so major ur team aint shit without tha number one playa
we murdered cha'll


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