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Young Maylay - Temptation | Текст песни

[Verse 1]
I knew this guy right, he had a nice sack
From the soft white to the flight crack
Pills, weed, smack kept the streets packed
Think you get it for cheap, he can beat that
Had a cool plug, old school buds
You do know whose who when you move drugs
Money stackin', relationships built
Anybody funny actin' they happen to get kill't (on the spot)
Had a few men watchin' his back
One legit, two out the pen for poppin' them straps
They protected his life, day and night, he'd feed'em crumbs
When he having it nice, just wanted to see the cum
From the problem of women, sleepin', spendin', trickin'
He wasn't trippin' off keepin' it pimpin'
Got comfortable with one, took her to the main home
Thirty minutes later duct taped, weight and safe gone

[Verse 2]
Now it's a crew of dudes, all they do is rob together
Plan and plot every move, its about the cheddar
Ski mask, dufflebag, heat, and work mode
In and out fast, keep it cleaner than some church clothes
Bank licks, jewelry heist, right crack spot
You can see it all in they eyes, jackpot!
Attackin' everythang that was worth somethin'
Robbin' for the hood, bring it back then had the turf jumpin'
Gotta know what come fast don't last long
'Specially when you're doing wrong, getting your cash on
The robbery unit honestly couldn't do it
Called in the F E Ds, please pursue this
In no time puttin' names to the faces, raids
To the places, arraignments in cases
And everybody rolled over like trained puppies
Supposed to been soldiers, but oh the game's up

[Verse 3]
Now the dealer that was jacked got fronted to pop back
Wasn't a month from after that he got cracked
He had to take a deal (for real?) twenty years fed time
That's what it say, name big up in the headlines
Happen to the best of the best
I know stomped down vets that been stretched, left with regrets
Went from swimming with the large fish and the honorary
To walking by the Sargent cuffed to commissary
Can't play with the time he was faced with
When he get out, it'll be different flying a spaceship
Cold price to pay when you can look and see the niggas that robbed locked up right across the way
One of the stick up kids was an informant
Might want to listen to this, kinda important
The woman he was dating was one of the fed agents
Put her on the one with the weight and he took the bait

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