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Young MC - Know How (Instrumental) | Текст песни

Verse 1

Some of the busiest rhymes ever made by man
Are goin` into this mic, written by this hand
Are comin` out of this mouth, made by this tongue
I`ll tell you now my name, my name is Young
But so you think that it`s your destiny
To get the best of me, but I suggest to be
Quiet, bro`, don`t even try it from the east and west of me
Takin` it and never breakin` it or even shakin` it
Groovin` it and always movin` it, cuz I`m not fakin` it
Pullin` out rhymes like books off the shelf
Born in England, raised in Hollis, taught to go for myself
This is stone cold rhymin`, no frills, no fluffs
And it`s no accident that these rhymes sound tough
I`m goin` off, baby, there`s no turnin` back
I`m on your TV, on your album, cassette and 8-track
And when the show is finally finished I`ll be takin` my bow
My name is Young, and yo I got know-how, you know what I`m sayin`?

I got know-how
Party people, I got know...how
I kick it just like this...

Verse 2

I got juice like the president, I`m makin` rappers hesitant
Invite me to your house and I`ll be chillin` like a resident
Yes, cuz I`m that type of man
Cuz I make myself at home no matter where I am
I got it rollin` like thunder, makin` y`all wonder
Why I`m on top with all the other rappers under
I make no errors, mistakes or blunders
It`s like a wedding, let no man put asunder
My name is Young MC, I like to rock mic well
Cuz when I get up on the mic I just release my spell
It`s no hocus-pocus, I`ll just get you into focus
And swarm all over you just like a horde of locusts
Smooth operator, female persuader
Spot a fly girl and in a week I`m gonna date her
I got the kind of style for the here and the now
And I can do it cuz I got know-how, you know what I`m sayin`?

I got know-how
Party people, I got know...how
Bust it!

Verse 3

MC`s I`ll ruin, cuz I know what I`m doin`
I`ll treat `em like doublemint gum and start chewin`
I spit `em out when the flavour`s gone
And I repeat the chewin` practice `til the break of dawn
Cuz I`m tough like a bone, sly like Stallone
Rockin` and clockin` on the microphone
Smooth like a mirror, in hearts I strike terror
Rhymes like runs and hits with no errors
Cold like a blizzard, on the mic I am the wizard
With the funky fresh rhymes comin` out of my gizzard
Never sneezin`, never coughin`, I rock the mic often
Hard as a rock and no sign I`ll soften
Makin` sure I get respect, on my mind rhymes connect
I start to build like a builder from a architect
Movin` all around, above and under the ground
You see my face, and then you hear my sound
Comin` atcha with the mic in hand
I`m gonna take command just the way I planned
Cuz I`m a one-man band and you are my fan
Don`t you understand? I`m like Superman
Yeah, the Man of Steel, don`t you know the deal?
You better be for real, I got sex appeal
This is what I feel, and this here`s my vow
And now you know the brother with know-how, you know what I`m sayin`?

I got know-how...and I`m chillin`, never illin`
In my mouth I got two fillin`s...whatever!
I`m on the mic, cold stone gettin` over
My name is Young MC, known as the fly casanova, kick it...

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