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Yukmouth - Regime Mobstaz | Текст песни

[Big Krizz Kaliko]
Regime Mobstaz
Regime Niggaz
Regime Killers
Regime Life

[Tech N9ne]
Yo, yo!
I'm a Regime original
My flow's aqua
She give me yo' snaps
She give you more claps than an opera
Street Sinatra, here to tease the shoppa
Yuk and Tech nigga
Godzilla and Mopra
Try and stop the Regime killaz will cost ya
Pop the glock to get the message across ya
You niggaz deserve an oscar, playin' doctor
I'ma silence you niggaz as if I was actors and flossa
For 2Pac ya drought nigga who shot ya
Saw this beam light, scream like Chewbacca
We got twats on lock the tiny tots
My mom say stop or I'm gonna tell poppa
I rabaqua
Ish Hop
Ya mock my
Shit is gonna be a slip knot enoughs a enough
We reign the clocks got ya
Tech is coming way clean
If you ain't Regime
Then fuck ya!

[Poppa L.Q.]
We the real street criminals
Regime generals
Mash for the most
And we sell it for the minimum
We Regime alliants
With appetites of giants
Hungry as some lions
We the kings of the jungle
Y'all don't wanna step inside the ring in this rumble
Empires will crumble
Platinum rappers are humbles
Pissin' on you peasants
Whenever we make our presence
Original and authentic
Far from a gimmick
Suckers try and mimic
But they just can't get it
No, they don't have their mind on it
I don't hear no soul in it
They don't have they heart in it
We gone put a hole in it
To go hardcore
All we do is go hard
Cuts them chicken's off
But we let 'em go hard
Regardless who you are
We will break you off a bar
Load off the hollows
Discharge 'em in your car
It's Regime nigga
And it gets no bigger!

The life of a gangsta
Ice and big bangers
The skyline changes
Cat, we live dangerous
Fuck who you came wit'
This where the game twist
Seperate the Regime nigga from the nameless
Hit 'em with the stainless
Show 'em what pain is
Speak that language
Work them angles
Y'all get mangled
We street niggaz
And once we spit we sayin' you (Come on!)
Real shit
I split ya frame du'
Have ya name all mixed up with bad news
What you tryna prove
I blow you out ya shoes
Y'must got my team confused
We make the rules
Break yo' face then bust the .2
What you accustomed to
Nigga this what a hustler do
When Gonzoe and my niggaz lace ya crew

[Chorus - Big Krizz Kaliko]
Regime Mobstaz
Regime Niggaz
Regime Killers
Regime Life

[Monsta Ganjah]
Regime the regiment
Worldwide confederates
Suspects and federates
Villains, killers and terrorists
Radicals individuals
Money making material
Underrated and hated
But over time we made it
And dedicated to get it
To never sleep I hate it
Forget about the bullshit
These niggaz rather debate it
On these streets is how I get it
A fetish for living Hellish
It's talented how sell it
Then cock it back and pull it
I'm serious when I do it
No it ain't nothing to it
Snatch ya chains
Splatter brains
Acting like they knew it
Regime the new team
Kill for the cash green
Split spleens to crush dreams
Empty out magazines
Holla back to swallow stacks
Treat 'em like dope fiends
Anything you need I got
I'll be your first thing
A hustler
My nature, never to fall
Regime 'til I die, throw slugs in ya jaw

Niggaz know me sell
I don't give a fuck
I keep it tucked
It's the dirty sizzle
Regime missle
That's what's up
Niggaz talk a lot of ruckus
We fuckers
Don't wanna buck us
I keep my niggaz dirty like truckers
Nigga you heard me
Been in the game pretendin for better
Nigga whatever
You fucking with a war nigga
Yo fuck rappin, I'll kill ya

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