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Zeds Dead & Omar Linx - Out for Blood (S.Vert edit) | Текст песни

I've been left for dead hung to dry
I've been out the count
From out the womb out the school right to out the house
And no one picked me up they told me I would I never get it
So just took it now I want my motherfuckin credit
Ain't never gonna change my course
Full speed tunnel vision I'm a racing horse
And I aim to kill don't play for sport
I don't what it is y'all waiting for
Nobody gonna hold your hand
I did it I stole my chance
I took it and ran
I'm played them all I took a stand
Y'all small your shook you played the Stan
Fuck all your plans go ahead go call your mans
Might as well call ambulance
I'll break you down I'll take you out
Ya'll never really had a chance
I'm sorry
Want more we can take it to war
I don't know what the fuck you take me for
I'll gamble mine I'll take what's yours
I'll pull your plug from life support
Yeah I stayed hungry Nothing changed me
Call me young shady
I don't give a fuck either, wait no pay me
I've been involved I played the part
I took the hits
I did it all the waiting’s off
Now gimme this

See I could quit now and be a chump motherfucka
But I'd rather reload and just dump motherfucka

They all wagging they fingers hating
Laughing they think they'll break me
Half of em couldn't keep my pace if I was out there waiting
I always hear em doubting
They don't know shit about me
They won't respect you till you hopping in
That brand new Audi
But if it's hell they want they got it baby satins present
I just hope they don't mind the heat all for the sake of heaven
I've come to get it out for blood
I am done pursuing
The time is now so they focus on just how I do it
I'm outa place outa hand outer space
And this bottle in my hand got me feel out my face
So you barely made the game
I'll make the season play
You can't handle the moment
I'm here to seize the day

See I could quit now and be a chump motherfucka
But I'd rather reload and just dump motherfucka

I'm busy in the clouds you in a cloud of dust
I'm in the g5 you missed the crowded bus
But I don't mean no harm
I rather work the beat
I knock out everyday
But never hurt the weak
I stay inspired my hunger keeping the fire livid
I cook ambition you are what you eat so I'm ambitious
My vision vivid I see the mission as clear as day
Just take a listen its business homie I'm on my way

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