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A-Ha - Crying in the rain

A-HA - Take On Me

A-HA - Velvet

A-HA - Lifelines

A-ha - Forever Not Yours

Celine Dion - a new day has come

A-HA - The Living Daylights

A-ha - Celice

A-ha - Hunting high and low

A-HA - The Sun Always Shines On T.V.

A-HA - Minor Earth Major Sky

A-Ha - Youll Never Get Over Me

A-HA - Summer moved on

A-ha - Stay on these roads

A-Ha - Manhattan Skyline

A-HA - Did Anyone Approach You?

A-ha - Shadowside

A-Ha - You wanted more

A - HA - Thought That It Was You

A-HA - Foot Of The Mountain

A-HA - Slender Frame

A-Ha - Cannot Hide

A-ha - The Blood That Moves The Body

A-ha - Analogue

A-Ha - Early Morning

A-HA - Scoundrel Days

A-ha - Under The Makeup

A-HA - I Wish I Cared

A-ha - Here I Stand And Face The Rain

A-HA - I Wont Forget Her

A-Ha - Nothing Is Keeping You Here

A-HA - White Canvas

A-ha - Cry Wolf

A-ha - A Fine Blue Line

A-Ha - Locust

A-HA - Little Black Heart

A-HA - To Let You Win

Celin Dion - A New Day Has Come

a-ha - Butterfly, Butterfly (the last hurrah)

A-Ha - Analogue (All I Want)

A-HA - Time And Again

A-HA - Dragonfly

A-HA - Train Of Thought

✔ A-ha - Don't Do Me Any Favours

A-ha - Cast in steel

A-Ha - Crying In The Rain [The Everly Brothers cover]

A-HA - Cosy Prisons

A-ha - Birthright

A-HA - The Sun Never Shone That Day

A-HA - Move To Memphis

A-ha - Mary Ellen Makes The Moment Count

A-Ha - I Call Your Name

Reel Big Fish - Take On Me (A-Ha cover)

A-HA - Lamb To The Slaughter

A-ha - Butterfly, Butterfly

a-ha - Out of Blue Comes Green

a-ha - We're Looking For The Whales

Emil Bulls - Take On Me (A-Ha cover)

Hail The Villain - Evil Has A Name

A-HA - A Little Bit

a-ha - Sunny Mystery

A-ha - Mother Nature Goes To Heaven

A-HA - Velvet (DE PHAZZ mix)

A-Ha - You Are The One

A-Ha - Dark Is The Night For All

a-ha - Soft Rains Of April

A-ha - Hunting High And Low (live)

Morten Harket (A-ha) - Darkspace

A-HA - Rolling Thunder

A-HA - Start The Simulator

A-Ha - How Sweet It Was

A-ha - You'll End Up Crying

A-ha - Summer moved on [C.L.A.S.S. remix]

A-Ha - Keeper Of The Flame

A-HA - Sycamore Leaves

Ke$ha - (Fuck Him) He's A DJ

Theory of a Deadman - The Sun Has Set On Me

Ke$ha - Grow A Pear

Northern Kings - Take On Me (A-Ha Cover)

Editors - An End Has A Start

Alice Cooper - Every Woman Has a Name

Anita Kelsey - The Night Has A Thousand Eyes

Editors - An End Has A Start (Acoustic)

A-ha - Living a boy`s adventure tale

A-ha - There's Never A Forever Thing


A-Ha - Turn The Lights Down

A-Ha - The Bandstand

a-ha - Holy Ground

A-Ha - October

A-Ha - Make It Soon

A-ha - The Sun Always Shines On TV (live)

A-HA - White Dwarf

A-HA - Touchy!

A-HA - The Blue Sky

a-ha - Less than pure

A-HA - (Seemingly) Nonstop July

A-ha - The Weight Of The Wind

a-ha - You Wanted More (Stephen Hague Version)

a-ha - Crying In The Rain (live)

A-ha - Afternoon High

A-ha - I've Been Losing You

Morten Harket (A-ha) - Do You Remember Me?

A-Ha - Shadow Endeavors

M.ic.h.a.el. .J.ac.k.s.on. - H.ol.d .M.y. Ha.n.d.

Miyavi - A-ha

Eleventyseven - Take on me (A-ha cover)

Coldplay - Hunting high and low (A-ha cover)

Famous Last Words - Even A Ghost Has A Sanctuary

In Extremo - An End Has A Start

Reel Big Fish - She Has A Girlfriend Now

Vanessa Paradis - Your love has got a handle on my mind

John Lennon - Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him

One Morning Left - This Song Has A Massive Autotune Chorus

Bobby Vee - The Night Has A Thousand Eyes

Selin Dion - A new day has come

Celine Dion - A New Day Has Come (slow version)

A-HA - Lifelines - Линия жизни.

A-ha - I won't forget her

A-Ha - What There Is

A-Ha - Real Meaning

A-ha - Lifelines (OST "Дневник доктора Зайцевой")

A-Ha - Love Is Reason

a-ha - East Of The Sun West Of The Moon

a-ha - This Alone Is Love

A-Ha - Shapes That Go Together

A-ha - Cryin in the rain

A-Ha - Hunting High And Low (Live In Oslo)

A-ha - Life lines

a-ha - Halfway Through the Tour

A-HA - Lie Down In Darkness

A-ha - Summer Moved On (Live)

A-HA - Lifeline

A-ha - The Summer Moved On

a-ha - Lifelines (2002)

A-Ha - I'll Do My Crying in The Rain

A Silver Mt. Zion - Ring Them Bells (Freedom Has Come And Gone)

A City Serene - My First Kiss (3OH!3 feat. Ke$ha Cover)

Sadist - Take On Me (A-Ha cover)

Leo Moracchioli - Take On Me (A-ha cover)

D.R.U.G.S. - My Swagger Has A First Name

John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him

Lovage - Everyone Has A Summer

Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows - My Swagger Has A First Name

The Devil Wears Prada - Ben Has a Kid

Селин Дион - A New Day Has Come

• A-ha - Take On Me (1985)

A -HA - Summer Moved On (live acoustic on radio)

A-Ha - Memorial Beach

A-ha - I've Been Losing You

A-Ha - I'll Do My Crying in The Rain

A-HA - You'll never get over me

A-HA - Waiting For Her

A-ha - I Want Forget Her

A-Ha - Don't Do Me Any Favours

A-Ha - Solace

A-Ha - Celice (Paul Van Dyk Radio Edit)

A-ha - Stay On These Roads (live)

A-HA - Take on me (radio edit)

A-Ha - The Summers Of Our Youth

A-HA - The Company Man

a-ha - Scoundrel Days (live)

A-Ha - Cosy Prison

A-Ha - Take On Me (Extended)

A-Ha - Summer moved on Minus

A-Ha - The Swing Of Things

A-HA - Manhattan skyline (Live)

A-ha - Holyground

A-ha - I Dream Myself Alive

A-Ha - Lifelines (Album Version Edit)

Morten Harket (a-ha) - Stay

A-ha - Days On End

A-Ha - Celice (Thomas Schumacher Remix)

A-Ha - Crying In The Rain ( минус )

A-ha - The Living Daylights (live)

A-HA - And You Tell Me

A-HA - Stay On These Roads (1988)

A-Ha - Hunting High and Low (1985) - Hunting High And Low

A-HA - Velvet (OST Кухня 4 сезон)

A-Ha - Velvet (Album Version)

A-Ha - Driftwood

a-Ha - Take On Me (Milkshake's Silly DnB Mix)

A-ha - The Wake vk.com/My.Music

Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) - Everything Familiar Has Disappeared! The World Looks Brand-new!

Killing A Classic - Die Young (Ke$ha Cover)

A1 - Take On Me (A-Ha Cover)

Anni B Sweet - Take on Me (A-Ha cover)

Closterkeller - Minor Earth, Major Sky (A-Ha Cover)

Connie Francis - My Heart has a mind of its own

Wolfsheim - A New Starsystem Has Been Explored

Flashdance - .W.ha.t. .a. .f.e.e.l.i.n.g.

Dead Silence Hides My Cries - Soul Has A Price

Say Anything - Every Man Has a Molly

Celine Dione - A new day has come

Porcupine Tree - The Creator Has A Mastertape

Repo! The Genetic Opera - What Chance Has a 17 Year Old Girl?

Enya [1995 - The Memory of Trees] - 07 Hope Has a Place

John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him

a-ha - Butterfly, Butterfly (The last song of a-ha)

A-HA - Living A Boy's Adventure Tale

(Morten Harket Wild Seed - 1996) A-ha - Burning Out Again (A Kind Of Christmas Card)

a-ha (Hunting High And Low, 1985) - Living A Boys Adventure Tale

A-Ha - There's A Reason For It

A-Ha - Crying In The Rain (1990, ''East Of The Sun West Of The Moon'')

(Lifelines - 2002) A-HA - Cannot Hide

(Hunting High And Low - 1985) A-HA - Love Is Reason

A-Ha - Crying In The Rain (Everly Brothers cover)

A-Ha - Take On Me (The Twelves Remix)

Morten Harket (A-ha) - Spanish Steps

A-Ha - Oranges On Appletrees