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Armchair Cynics - Bang

Cynic - How Could I

Stone Sour - Inside The Cynic

Cynic - Wheels Within Wheels

Diary of Dreams - Portrait of a Cynic

In Flames - Dismiss The Cynics

Cynic - Veil of Maya

Cynic - Carbon-Based Anatomy

Cynic - Celestial Voyage

Affiance - The Cynic

Icon For Hire - Cynics and Critics

Cynic - Evolutionary Sleeper

Cynic - Integral Birth

Cynic - Evolutionary

Cynic - Sentiment

Get Scared - Cynical Skin

Gogol Bordello - Cynic.

Cynic - The Space For This

Cynic - Uroboric Forms

Cynic - Endless Endeavors

Cynic - I'm but a Wave to...

Cynic - Nunc Stans

Pain - Not Your Kind [Cynic Paradise 2008]

Local H - Cynic

Pain - Live Fast, Die Young (It's A Cynic Paradise)

Cynic - The Unknown Guest

Cynic - Elves Beam Out

Cynic - King of Those Who Know

Cynic - Integral

Cynic - Cosmos

Cynic - True Hallucination Speak

Cynical Existence - My Decadence, Your Sins (feat. Rave The Reqviem) (Roppongi Inc. Project Remix)

Armchair Cynics - Lost Control

Cynic - How Could I (2004 Remix)

Kajiura Yuki - Cynical World

Kashmir - The Cynic

Date My Recovery - Cynical Autopsy

Epidemic - Currency Of Cynics

The Haunted - The Cynic

Devil Inside - Armchair Cynics-Bang

The Dear Hunter - A Curse of Cynicism (Red)

Cynic - Integral (Re-Traced)

Cynic - King (Re-Traced EP)

Cynic - The Eagle Nature (remastered)

CYNIC - Space

Cynic - I'm But A Wave To...

Cynic - The Eagle Nature

Cynic - 08 Nunc Stans

Armchair Cynics - Surprise Ending

Cynicism - Inhaling the Poison

Cynical Existence - My Decadence, Your Sins (feat. Rave The Reqviem)

Armchair Cynics - Forgive, Forget

Cynic - Traced In Air (Full Album)

Cynic - Karma's Plight

Armchair Cynics - All The Way To You

Armchair Cynics - Bang( OST MV Безжалостный город)

Sick Jacken And Cynic - Conneccion Del Ano (Feat. Sinful El Pecador)

Cynic - Adam's Murmur

Nana Grizol - Cynicism

Pain - Generation X [Cynic Paradise 2008]

Pain - Reach Out (And Regret) [Cynic Paradise 2008]

Pain - Have A Drink On Me [Cynic Paradise 2008]

Pain - Monkey Business [Cynic Paradise 2008]

DJ Muggs vs. Sick Jacken - Land of Shadows (feat. Cynic)

Pain - No One Knows [Cynic Paradise 2008]

kashmir - the cynic (feat. david bowie)

Pain - Clouds Of Ecstasy (bassflow remix) [Bonus Cynic Paradise 2008]

Disco Ensemble - Cynic

Pain - [Cynic Paradise - 2008] 7 - Generation X

The Moirai - Dear Allison, I Am Not A Cynic

Kalisia - How Could I (Cynic Cover)

Extreme - Cynical

Immaculate Machine - So Cynical

CoMa, Mr FijiWiji - Cynical Original Mix vk.com/dance.news

Eskimo Callboy - Cynical Autopsy

Black Propaganda - Cynic Apnea

Obscura - How Could I (Cynic)

Zella Day - Cynics vs Dreamers

Stone Sour - Inside The Cynic (OST Freddy vs. Jason)

Ravenscry - Cynic

The Project "Dying Light" - Cynical Autopsy

Mr FijiWiji - Cynical (Feat. CoMa) "'dubStep BaLaNce'"

ナイトメア - Cynical Re:actor

Odi Acoustic - Cynical (blink 182 Cover)

Armchair Cynics - Can't Sleep

Portal (Cynic, Æon Spoke) - The Circle's Gone

Cynic - Adam's Murmur

Cynic - The Circle's Gone

Cynic - Integral Birth (Acoustic)

Cynic - Space [Re-Traced]

Cynic - (Traced in Air 2008) 08. Nunc Stans

Cynic - (Traced in Air 2008) 05. The Unknown Guest

Sick Jacken And Cynic - Grapples Of War (Feat. Donnie Castro)

Red Cynic (Петров и Васечкин) - Рыцарь, в путь!

Cynic - Circle

Cynic - Evolutionary Sleeper (live)

Cynic - Kindly Bent To Free Us (New!)

Cynic - Suicide

YC The Cynic - God Complex

Cynic - Celestial Voyage (remastered 2004)

Cynic - I'm But A Wave To (2004 Remix)

Armchair Cynics - Sharks

Great Cynics - Twenty Five

The Cynics - She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own)

Cynics - Tonight, tonight

Army Of The Cynics - Viva la constitutional monarchy

Cynical Existence - Your Decadence My Sins (Decadent Pogo Remix By Kai Otte)

Cynic - 5. The Unknown Guest

Cynic - Not The Same

DJ Muggs vs. Sick Jacken Featuring Cynic - Land Of Shadows (Legend Of The Mask & The Assassin 2007)

Cynic - Evolutionary Sleeper (Re-Trased)

YC The Cynic - Molotovs at Poseidon

YC The Cynic - Being God

Cynic - Moon Heart Sun Head (2014, Kindly Bent to Free Us)

Cynic - True Hallucination Speak (2014, Kindly Bent to Free Us)

Cynic - Mirror Child

Cynic - Road to You (2012, The Portal Tapes)

Cynic - Infinite Shapes (2014, Kindly Bent To Free Us)

Mick Jenkins & YC the Cynic - Keep It 100

Cynic - Sag es mir

Portal (Cynic) - Karma's Plight

Portal (cynic) - Cosmos

Cynic - Pleading For Preservation

Cynic - Gitanjali (2014, Kindly Bent to Free Us)

Cynic - The Lion's Roar (2014, Kindly Bent to Free Us)

Cynic - 2. The Space For This

Armchair Cynics - What Happened To You

Armchair Cynics - Bang Bang

The Cynics - I Got Nightmares

Cynic - King

Cynic - I'm But A Wave To... (2004 Remix)

Armchair Cynics - Swallow

DJ Muggs & Sick Jacken, Cynic - El Barrio

Cynic {2012 - The Portal Tapes} - 5. Cosmos

Armchair Cynics - Bang (OST Heartless City)

Cynic - (Traced in Air 2008) 07. King of Those Who Know