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Edguy / Тексты песен

Найдено 445 текстов

The Headless Game

The Asylum

Sands of time

King Of Fools

Scarlet Rose



Save Me


Superheroes (Epic Version)

Two Out Of Seven

Land Of The Miracle

Dead Or Rock

Key To My Fate

Every Night without You

Wasted Time

Roses to No One

For a trace of life

Out Of Control


How Many Miles


Lavatory Love Machine

Wash Away the Poison

Painting On The Wall


Another Time

The Unbeliever



Down To the Devil

The Piper Never Dies

Ministry Of Saints

The Pharaoh

Rise of the Morning Glory





Misguiding Your Life

Children Of Steel

All The Clowns

Blessing in Disguise

Holy Water

Spooks In The Attic

Holy Shadows

Life And Times Of A Bonus Track

Wings Of A Dream

Roses To Noone

Mysteria (feat. Mille Petrozza)

Sabre & Torch

The Spirit Will Remain

Nine Lives

Hymn (Ultravox cover)

Catch Of The Century

Rock of Cashel

Wake Up Dreaming Black

Faces In The Darkness

When A Hero Cries



Sacred hell

Until We Rise Again

Wake Up The King



Superheroes (2006)

Rock Me Amadeus

We dont need a hero

Edguy feat. Hansi Kursch [Blind Guardian] - Out Of Control [Vain Glory Opera] [1998]

The Spirit

Walk On Fighting


Power and Majesty


The Devil and The Savant

Fallen Angels

Eyes Of The Tyrant

Nailed To The Wheel

Reach Out

Save Us Now

Frozen Candle

Falling Down

No More Foolin'

Arrows Fly

Rock Me Amadeus (Falco cover)

Edguy - Vain Glory Opera (1998) - Vain Glory Opera

Love Tyger

Out of Control (Мечты сбываются!)

Jerusalem (Power Metal)

Edguy feat. Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian) - Out Of Control

Scarlet Rose (Премьера!)

Out Of Vogue


Under The Moon

Superheroes (by Mordreg)

Behind the Gates to Midnight World

Standing in The Rain


Mysteria (Feat Mille Petrozza-Kreator)

Lay All Your Love On Me

Pandora's Box

Vain Glory Opera ("Vain Glory Opera", 1998)

But Here I Am

Aren't You A Little Pervert Too?!

God Fallen Silent (Bonus Track)

SuperHeroes (Metal & Epic version)

Lavatory Love Machine (Acoustic Version)

Wings Of A Dream (2001)

Roses to No One (1995 Version)

The Arcane Guild

Aleister Crowley Memorial Boogie

Black Orchid

Heavenward (Navigator Demo Version)

Edguy - Burning down the Opera (2003) - Land Of The Miracle (live)

Edguy 1998 Vain Glory Opera - 03 How Many Miles

Edguy 1998 Vain Glory Opera - 04 Scarlet Rose

Edguy (Tobias Sammet) - King Of Fools (2004)

Edguy [ Tinnitus Sanctus, 2008 ] - 9-2-9

Edguy [ Rocket Ride, 2006 ] - Catch Of The Century

Edguy [ Superheroes, 2005 ] - The Spirit

The Spirits will Remain

The Eternal Wayfarer

Edguy - Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown - 3. Defenders Of The Crown

Edguy - Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown - 4. Love Tyger

Edguy - Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown - 2. Space Police

Mysteria ("Hellfire Club", 2004)


Nobody's Hero

God Fallen Silent

Down To the Devil ("Hellfire Club", 2004)

Pandora`s Box

Edguy [ Age of the Joker, 2011 ] - Standing In The Rain

Superheroes (2005)

Super Heroes

Edguy feat. Hansi Kursch - Out Of Control

SuperHeroes (Metal & Epic version)

Edguy (Germany) (Power Metal) - Wasted Time (2006)

The Devil & The Savant

Michael Kiske - Judas At The Opera (Edguy)

Hard Decision - Супергерои (Edguy cover)

Edguy Edguy [ Savage Poetry, 1996 ] - Key To My Fate

Save Me(lyric/power/heavy metal)

[CD3] - Edguy - King Of Fools

Thorn Without A Rose

Nobody's Hero

Holy Water (King Of Fools (EP) [2004])

I'll Cry For You (Europe cover)

Holy Water ("King of Fools [MCD]", 2004)


Breathe (2011)

I'll Cry For You (Europe Cover Accoustic Version)

I'll Cry For You

Land of the Miracle [Live in Brazil][*]

Power & Majesty (1995)

The Devil & The Savant

I'll cry for you (Europe cover acoustic version)

I Hate You Too

Cum On Feel The Noize (Slade Cover)

Edguy - Age Of The Joker - 10. Behind The Gates To Midnight World

Edguy - Mandrake - 2. Golden Dawn


Life And Times Of A Bonus Track - Live (Bootleg)

Edguy - Hellfire Club - 12. Children of Steel (re-recorded)

edguy = 2001 mandrake - save us now

edguy = 2001 mandrake - the devil and the savant

edguy = 1997 kingdom of madness - paradise

Red Hot Chilli Peppers feаt. Helloween & Edguy - Bloodly dumplings

Superheroes v.2

Edguy - Mandrake - 10. Save Us Now

Edguy - Rocket Ride - 1. Sacrifice

Edguy & Avantasia - In Quest For

Edguy & Avantasia - The Tower

Edguy & Avantasia - Sign Of The Cross

Vain Glory Opera (live from "Burning Down the Opera")

edguy = 2000 the savage poetry - key to my fate

edguy = 2000 the savage poetry - hallowed

Mysteria (feat. Mille Petrozza, "Hellfire Club", 2004)

Lay All Your Love On Me (ABBA cover)

The Seven Angels

The Kingdom

Heart Of Twilight

Das Reh

The Devil & The Savant (Bonus Track)

Edguy & Avantasia - Sleepwalking

edguy = 2000 the savage poetry - frozen candle

Steel Church

The Spirit Will Remain (2004)

We Don't Need A Hero

Edguy 1998 Vain Glory Opera - 11 Hymn

I'll Cry For You (Europe Acoustic Cover)

METAL BALLADS-Edguy - Angel Rebellion

Edguy (feat. Hansi Kürsch & Timo Tolkki) - Out Of Control

Wings Of A Dream 2001 [Hall of Flames 2004]

Edguy - The Savage Poetry 1996 - Hallowed

Edguy feat Michael Kiske - Judas At The Opera

Judas At The Opera (Feat. Michael Kiske)

Edguy - Age Of The Joker - 2. Nobody's Hero

Edguy (Tobias Sammet) Germany - Hymn (Ultravox cover)

Edguy - Tinnitus Sanctus - 5. Wake Up Dreaming Black

Edguy - Tinnitus Sanctus - 4. Nine Lives

Edguy - Tinnitus Sanctus - 1. Ministry Of Saints

Edguy - Tinnitus Sanctus - 9. Speedhoven

Edguy - Tinnitus Sanctus - 11. Aren't You a Little Pervert Too?

Edguy - Tinnitus Sanctus - 8. 9-2-9

Edguy - Tinnitus Sanctus - 6. Dragonfly

The Asylum ("Tinnitus Sanctus", 2008)

Edguy [ Tinnitus Sanctus, 2008 ] - Dead Or Rock

Edguy - Tinnitus Sanctus - 7. Thorn Without A Rose

Edguy [ Tinnitus Sanctus, 2008 ] - Aren't You A Little Pervert Too?!

Edguy [ Savage Poetry, 1996 ] - Roses To No One

Edguy - The Savage Poetry 1996 - Power and Majesty

edguy = 2000 the savage poetry - eyes of the tyrant

Edguy - The Savage Poetry 1996 - Sands Of Time

Edguy - The Savage Poetry 1996 - Misguiding Your Life

All The Clowns [Monsters Of Metal # 4]

Edguy & Avantasia - For A Trace Life

Edguy & Avantasia - Hallowed

Edguy & Avantasia - Thorn Without a Rose

Edguy - Hellfire Club - 5. King Of Fools

Edguy - Rocket Ride - 5. Return To The Tribe

Edguy - Rocket Ride - 6. The Asylum

Forever(И музыка клёвая,и текст)

God Fallen Silent (Bonus CD)

Standing in The Rain (Bonus CD)

2 out of 7 (мелодия моего звонка)

Edguy [ Superheroes, 2005 ] - Blessing in Disguise

Holy Water (альбом The Singles 2004)

The Spirit (Magnum cover)

Superheroes (Piano Ver.)

Edguy - Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown - 6. Rock Me Amadeus

edguy = 2001 mandrake - the pharaoh

Edguy - Mandrake - 9. Painting On The Wall

Fallen Angels - "Mandrake" - 2001

Edguy - Mandrake - 7. Wash Away the Poison

Edguy - Mandrake - 5. Nailed To The Wheel

Edguy - Mandrake - 3. Jerusalem