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Eels / Тексты песен

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i need some sleep

My Beloved Monster

Novocaine for the Soul

Moray Eel - Boo

Your lucky day in hell

Lone Wolf

Fresh Feeling

I Like Birds

Love Of The Loveless


Moray Eel - Material

Fresh Blood

The Sound Of Fear


That Look You Give That Guy

Beautiful Freak

I Need Some Sleep (OST Shrek 2)

I Need Some Sleep (OST Шрек 2)

Bus Stop Boxer

Little Bird

Last Stop This Town

Moray Eel - Forbidden Waters

I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart

Souljacker Part I

Somebody Loves You


Dirty Girl

The other shoe

The Eels - I Need Some Sleep

C.alv.in H.arri.s - I f.eel s.o clo.se t.o yo.u rig.ht n.ow

The Mighty Boosh - Eels

Mr. E's Beautiful Blues

The Good Old Days

Woman Driving, Man Sleeping

Not Ready Yet

All The Beautiful Things

Rags to Rags

grace kelly blues

The Eels - Fresh Feeling


I need some sleep (Remix)

Mr Es Beautiful Blues

Moray Eel - Healer And Death

Moray Eel - Broken

Mistakes Of My Youth

Beginners Luck

My Beloved Monster (OST Шрек-1)

I Need Some Sleep (Ripto's Dubstep Remix)

Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)

Christmas Is Going To The Dogs

Saturday Morning

In My Dreams

Trouble With Dreams

Wooden Nickels

Spectacular Girl

Cancer For The Cure

Mansions Of Los Feliz

Electro-Shock Blues


Ant Farm

Gone Man

Losing Streak

The EELS - My Beloved Monster

Moray Eel - Sweet Mary

Moray Eel - Oncoming War

i need some sleep (песня для сна)

Hey Man

Whitehouse - Wriggle Like A Fucking Eel

Man Up

My Beloved Monster (Шрек 1)

Yes Man

That's Not Really Funny

The Longing

Old Shit, New Shit


The Stars Shine in the Sky Tonight

I Like The Way This Is Going

Friendly Ghost

A Line In The Dirt

Elizabeth on the bathroom floor

Tiger in my Tank

Things The Grandchildren Should Know

Efils' God


The Morning

A Daisy Through Concrete

Fresh Blood (OST The Walking Dead)

Moray Eel - The Cross and the Raven

Agatha Chang

Moray Eel - Secret Desire (Fucking Christ)

Moray Eel - So Good To Die

Fresh Feeling [OST Scrubs]

Moray Eel - The Second Flood

Moray Eel - Hate Me

Moray Eel - Watcher

Millicent Don't Blame Yourself

The Eels - I Like Birds

Flyswatter (OST "Всегда говори да")

That's not really funny

Sweet Li'l Thing

The Mighty Boosh - Eels song

Souljacker Part 1

Flyswatter (OST Yes Man)

Guest List

The Eels - That Look You Give That Guy

Beginner's Luck

Bus Stop Boxer (OST Всегда говори «Да»)

Blinking Lights (For Me)

I want to protect you

Somebody Loves You (OST Всегда говори «Да»)

My Timing Is Off

I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart

It's A Motherfucker

Blinking Lights (For Me) (OST Всегда говори «Да»)

Soul Jacker

The Good Old Days (OST Всегда говори «Да»)

P.S. You Rock My World

If You See Natalie

World Of Shit


Climbing to the Moon

Packing Blankets

3 Speed

Suicide Life

Eyes Down

The Eels - I want to protect you

This Is Where It Gets Good

Whatever Happened To Soy Bomb


Ordinary Man

Royal Pain

On My Feet

Railroad Man

Dead Of Winter

Daisies of the galaxy

You just gotta let it go

Moray Eel - Wet Dreams

Calling For Your Love

Love Of The Loveless (The Lake House OST)

I Need Some Sleep(DJ Chika Dubstep Remix)

Dust Of Ages

I Need Some Sleep (OST Shrek)

Moray Eel - Pervert

Moray Eel - Bloody Easter

The Look You Give This Guy

I need some sleep (из Шрека 2)

I Need Some Sleep (Cloudhead Bootleg)

I Need Some Sleep (Shrek 2/Soundtrack Version)

Can't Help Falling In Love (Elvis Presley cover)

Losing Streak (Шрек 3)

Royal Pain (OST Shrek 3)

The Medication Is Wearing Off

Fresh Blood (OST True Blood)

The Eels - Novacaine For The Soul

Ugly Love


It's a Motherfucker

I am alone wolf

i n e e d s o m e s l e e p


T.ony Ma.rtin.ez. & .DJ J.os.epo - .I F.eel Yo.ur Voi.ce (Origin.al Mix)

Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld - Millions Of Eels

Fresh Feeling (OST сериал Клиника)

Royal Pain (OST Шрек-3)

Hey, Man (OST Поцелуй на удачу)

Eels - A lone Wolf - (конец)

Somebody Loves You (OST "Yes Man")

Man Up (Ost Yes man)

Bus Stop Boxer (OST Yes Man 2008)

the sound of fear (OST Yes Man 2008)

Армада: Russian Metal Hits (2005) - Moray Eel - 15 - Boo

Fresh Feeling (Scrubs Ost 6x...)

All The Beautiful Things (OST Больше, чем друг)

Living Life

Mr. E's Beautiful Blues (OST Дорожное приключение)

Alone Wolf

To Lick Your Boots

I need so sleep

Baby Loves Me

Lilac Breeze

Susan's House

Rock Hard Times

Restraining Order Blues

Eels (OST Stargate Universe) - Agony

Oh So Lovely

I need some sleep (Jhoni Foxx rework)

Looking Up

What I Have to Offer

Double Faced Eels - Zilais Valis

The Eels - Love Of The Loveless

Novocaine for the soul (live from hell) (bbc radio i version)


Blinking Lights (For You)

That's Not Her Way

Girl From The North Country

Wrong About Bobby

Selective Memory

Double Faced Eels - Ja tā nav

Who are you?


Dog Faced Boy

Eels feat. Tom Waits - Going Fetal

Hospital Food

I Need Some Sleep (Coding Remix)

The Man

Last Time We Spoke

Numbered Days

Souljacker Pt. 1


In My Younger Days