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What Comes Around

I hate you. I hate you - shut up...

You think that I'm the one to blame
Everything I ...

How Can I Live

I am so alike you
In so many ways
I know I’m just a copy
That carries on the strain
But, ...

With You


There's something in your ways
That makes me wanna stay here for a thousand ...

♫ ▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ ▇ Ill Nino - Cleansing

From guilt to dust
You think that I don't want to hate you
I know that I never did like ...

God Save Us

God save us
This new life has brought us this new knife
It's worthless and mindless to ...


Album: Revolution Revolución

For all the pain that calls my name
I burn ...

This Is War

He was enslaved, to the dirty system, pero muriу (to face the end) mother fucking come on
This ...

What Comes Around (Day Of The Dead Mix)

hate you, I hate you, I hate you
I hate you, I hate you, I hate you

You think that I'm ...

This Time's For Real

Why do you tell me all these lies?
I just want to live my life
I don\'t want to leave my ...

Te Amo...I Hate You

Te amo... I hate you
Te amo and I hate you
Te amo... I hate you
You always think that you ...

What You Deserve

It's too bad that you have made mistakes.
Too bad that I cannot relate.
When all else ...


I loved you
You were all that I wanted
Then, I watched you
Turn into someone ...

No Murder

It's time to take it back, I'm taking what is mine!

Me lo vas debar!
No ...

I Am Loco

Album: Revolution Revolución

Life is weighing down on me, killing me ...

All The Right Words

I can smell the way you taste
I chase every breath you take
And I'll wait

Why would ...

Letting Go

I still hear my voice
It's calling in my head
But if I had only one choice
I'd ...

Have You Ever Felt?

Sometimes I feel like the world is looking over my shoulder
I don't know why but I feel my ...


Album: Revolution Revolución

This is my time, this is my time
And now ...

Live Like There's No Tomorrow

Live like there\'s no tomorrow
Die like we\'ll never follow
Let’s get high like we don\'t give ...

the alibi of tyrants

They can't get to me
I'm sitting in the back seat
Turn around, I grip my gun
To ...


Separate your mind
Overcome in time
I’m taking what is mine
Tenemos que ...


Converging my image to suit this disease
This face is just a mask to deceive you
(And I) ...

When It Cuts

I cannot justify your envy
But I will be understanding when you say
Then I will satisfy you in ...

★De Sangre Hermosa★

Prestame tu piel
Tu munjdo sin vecinos
El mundo esta perdido amor
Dejame saber
La vida ...

Everything Beautiful

We are not the same.
I am not to blame.
Cause you've rearranged the truth.
You just ...

Rip Out Your Eyes

Your mind is awakening, your soul is repenting
Stop pissing away all the hours and days
Take ...

Nothing's Clear

Fuck this place up!

You know you're right, I'm just tired
Correctando, burn our ...

My Pleasant Torture

Why is everything starting to crumble?
When all of my wrong was forgiven
I ask you why? I ask ...


I'm feeling like I don't belong

I remember when we spoke back then
I was cold and ...

Me Gusta La Soledad

No me mires asi
Que no te hablo jamà s
Y me gusta la soledad, soledad
No te quiero ...

How Can I Live (Spanish version)

Eres parecido en todo lo que soy
Sigo escondido
Perdido es lo que estoy

No - que no ...

Bleed Like You

From this day,
in this war that i face,
I'll pray through this rusty cage
I must ...


Corre perro come mierda
This is what you get now
You think that you can get away
You little ...

Red Rain (Peter Gabriel Cover)

Red rain is coming down
Red rain
Red rain is pouring down
Pouring down all over me

I ...

Violent Saint

For now there's no redeeming,
Self-conscience all-consuming,
All day my rage is ...

March Against Me

Every thing's fine
I'm not gonna lie
Though you try to fight against me
I'm ...

Compulsion Of Virus And Fever

Encima las razas
With these eyes
From cielos above us
You're so fast
To cut ...

Te Amo... I Hate You

Te amo... I hate you
Te amo and I hate you
Te amo... I hate you
You always think that you ...

Killing You, Killing Me

The power it breeds all around us.
This surface is bleeding for you.
(for you, for you, for ...

Turns To Gray

Очень мощная альтернативная композиция с One Nation Underground. Текст припева своим риторическим ...


I did it all for you,
I gave you my mistakes.
What do you want from me?

Is it me?
Am ...

What Comes Around (Spanish Version)

Te odio...te odio...

Calla! Calla!

Yo siento todo tu dolor,
Y todo lo que ...

Two (Vaya Con Dios)

You think you're so right
You think you know that
You think you know this
You think you ...


Album: Revolution Revolución

The Gods want something

Laying on your ...

Zombie Eaters (Faith No More Cover)

You're everything
That's why I cling to you
When I emerge
My thoughts converge to ...

How Could I Believe

Rapture, father.
You make our bed in suffering.
You want it all,
it's all for ...

Reservation For Two

And I like when you reject me
There's no time for running on empty
You like the way this ...

Blood Is Thicker Than Water

"Blood Is Thicker Than Water"

Our blood is thicker than water
Our blood is thicker than ...

Time Won't Save You

Hold on
Time will save you
Believe in what I've sent you
Amen only you can save
Move ...

This Time's For Real

Why do you tell me all these lies?
I just want to live my life
I don't want to leave my ...

Pieces Of The Sun

I started to think
I'm starting to think
I'm constantly loosing, who you want me to ...

De La Vida

You'll wait
But are you even knowing
That I'm accepting your existence
Do you even ...


Why can't you just be yourself
Live your life like someone else
It only brings you further ...


I give you my life, it's my only device
You take the knife to cut a hole
You carve my ...

Serve The Grave

Serve the grave,
serve the grave,
serve the grave.

You've fooled me the last ...