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Jeff buckley / Тексты песен

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Last Goodbye

Dream Brother

So Real

Forget Her

We all fall in love sometimes

Lilac Wine

Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover)

Lover, You Should've Come Over

Mojo Pin

Eternal Life

Nightmares By The Sea

Corpus Christi Carol

Yard of Blonde Girls


Lover You Should've Come Over

Miley Cyrus - Lilac Wine (Jeff Buckley Cover)

Everybody Here Wants You

The Sky Is A Landfill

Striptease for me baby

New Years Prayer

I Know It's Over (The Smiths cover)


Calling you

Lover, You Should Have Come Over

Murder Suicide Meteor Slave


We All Fall In Love Sometimes (OST MY Sister's Keeper)

Scarlett Johansson - Last Goodbye (Jeff Buckley cover)

Once I Was (Tim Buckley cover)

Hallelujah (OST House MD)

New Year's Prayer


Hallelujah (минус)

Morning Theft

Opened Once

I Want Someone Badly

If You See Her, Say Hello (Bob Dylan cover)

What Will You Say


Liliac Wine

Forget Her (Lost and Delirious OST)

Hallelujah (OST Босиком по мостовой)

hallelujah (OST Шрек)

Hallelujah (фортепианная версия) (-) [x-minus_org]

That's All I Ask

Jewel Box

Dido's Lament

Hallelujah(OST Dr.House)

Jake Coco - Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley Piano cover)

Katatonia - Nightmares By The Sea (Jeff Buckley cover)

Алена Ярушина - Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley cover)

Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah - The OC - 1x27- Nodi al Pettine - Jeff Buckley. Hallelujah

haleluya(алелуя) (OST Шрек)

Leonard Cohen / Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah (Hannah Trigwell live cover)

Witches' Rave

➨OST Шрек Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

Je N'en Connais Pas La Fin

Strange Fruit (live at Sin-e)

Mojo Pin (Live at Sin-é 94)

Moodswing Whiskey (Mystery White Boy Tour Live 95-96)

Strip Tease For Me Baby

You and I

I Know It's Over

Alligator Wine

Woke Up In A Strange Place

Eternal Life (Road version)

Be Your Husband (Live at Sin-e, NY, 31/12/95)

Calling you (live at Bagdad Cafe, 8/13/1992)

River of Dope

Three Is A Magic Number

Halelujah (instrumental)

the way young lovers do

Dream Brother (Live at Glastonbury)

The Magic Number

Hallelujah (Grace)

The Other Woman

Catnip Dream (Shonen Knife cover)

Dream Brother (Alternate Take)

Alive (Correct Version)

I Want Someone Badly (with Shudder To Think)

Eternal Life (Live)

When The Levee Breaks


Lilac Wine [Grace]

lilac wine (james shelton - for"dance me a song")

New Years Prayer (OST The Dead Zone)

Hallelujah (Алелуя )

Gunshot glitter

Sweet Thing

Last Goodbye (OST Vanilla Sky)

New Year's Prayer --- The Dead Zone OST

Let's Bomb The Moonlight; Sketches 4-Track Outtake

Lilac wine (Grace, 1994)

I Know We Could Be So Happy Baby(alt version)

Алилуя (OST Шрек)

Jeff Buckley & Liz Fraser - All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun

Jeff Buckley & Nina Simone - The Other Woman

I Know It's Over

Just Like a Woman (Bob Dylan cover)

Chris Cornell - Wave Goodbye (dedicated to Jeff Buckley)

PJ Harvey - Memphis (dedicated to Jeff Buckley)

TesseracT - Dream Brother (Jeff Buckley Cover)

Adam Gontier - I want someone badly / Jeff Buckley Cover

The Indelicates - ... If Jeff Buckley Had Lived

Adam Gontier - I want someone badly / Jeff Buckley Cover (LIVE IN SAN DIEGO 2012)

Belov D. Olya Klim - Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah (cover)

ADAM GONTIER LIVE IN SAN DIEGO - 2012 - I want someone badly / Jeff Buckley Cover

Jeff Buckley-Hallelujah - http://www.jeff-buckley.ru/hallelujah.htm

Once I Was (Tim Buckley cover 04-26-91)

Sefronia: The King's Chain (Tim Buckley cover)

Phantasmagoria In Two (Tim Buckley cover)

Jeff Buckley http://www.jeff-buckley.ru/mp3.htm - You & I

Jeff Buckley (сын Tim Buckley) - Hallelujah

Hallelujah (cover Leonard Cohen)

Hallelujah ((Leonard Cohen - Acoustic cover)

Hallelujah (by Leonard Norman Cohen)

Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)

Edgar Allan Poe read by Jeff Buckley - Ulalume

Nina Simone & Jeff Buckley - Lilac wine (Marco Rigamonti Rai Tunes Remix).mp4

Hallelujah (House MD, 2 сезон 1 серия)

Mojo Pin (OST Ceux qui m'aiment prendront le train)

haleluya (OST Шрек 2)

Nina Simone & Jeff Buckley - Lilac Wine

Be Your Husband (Nina Simone cover)

Lilac Wine (Nina Simone cover)

You and I (OST Cult s01e01)

Lilac Wine (Eartha Kitt cover)


Jeff Buckley (Grace / 1993-94) - 1. Mojo Pin

Mojo Pin (Live Glastonbury 1995)

Kanga Roo (Mystery White Boy Tour Live 95-96)

Night Flight (Live at Sin-e, NY, 31/12/95, Led Zeppelin cover)

Hallelujah (OST Misfits / Отбросы) S1E5

frgt hr

The Way Young Lovers Do (Van Morrison)

Hallelujah (LV 08.16)

I Know It's Over (The Smiths cover)

We All Fall in Love Sometimes (OST My Sister's Keeper)

Jeff Buckley & Elizabeth Fraser - All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun

Everybody Here Wants You (OST FLO)

I Know We Could Be So Happy Baby (If We Wanted To Be)

10. «The Way Young Lovers Do» (Ван Моррисон) – 10:06

Dream Brother (сначала сделайте по-громче)

Hallelujah (Kate Voegele cover)

Morning Theft (live at New York The Knitting Factory 1997)

So Real (Acoustic)

i know it's over (The Smiths)

Jeff Buckley (1966-1997) - Lost Highway

Jeff Buckley (Grace / 1993-94) - 7. Lover, You Should've Come Over

Dream Brother (Live at Phoenician Theatre, Sydney 6/9/1995)

Satisfied Mind

Grace (Live At Palais Theatre)

I Know We Could Be So Happy (if we wanted to be)

Kick Out the Jams (Live at L'Olympia) MC 5 cover

Forget Her (Live in CBGB's -1993)

Dream Brother (CD Grace, 1994)

Dream Brother (Live in Chicago 1995)

Vancouver (live at Arlene's Grocery'97)

We Are Fall In Love Sometimes

Hallelujah (Album Version)

Jeff Buckley & Gary Lucas - She Is Free

Grace (Acoustic)

Mama, You Been On My Mind

Grace (à L'Olympia 07.07.95)

If You Knew (Nina Simone)

Forget Her (1995.12.31 New York)

All Flowers in Time Bend Towards the Sun (Live at Selina's)



Jeff Buckley (feat. EnderVAD) - Hallelujah



Jeff Buckley ft. Elizabeth Fraser - all flowers in time bend towards the sun

Grace (Live at Glastonbury)

Hallelujah (piano, минус)

Grace (2007)

Night Flight [1993.07.19+08.17]

Axel Rudi Pell (Jeff Buckley) - Hallelujah

Last Goodbye (Live at Glastonbury 06.24.1995)

Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover) (Live at Sin-é 09.17.1993)

Hallelujah(Леонард Коэн)

Hallelujah (House M.D. Ost 2x01)

Jeff Buckley & Gary Lucas - Satisfied Mind (Johnny Cash cover)


Jeff Buckley ( Праздник любви) - Hallelujah

Jeff Buckley (Grace / 1993-94) - 10. Dream Brother

Jeff Buckley (Grace / 1993-94) - 9. Eternal Life

Jeff Buckley (Grace / 1993-94) - 3. Last Goodbye

Forget Her [Grace]

Lover, You Should've Come Over [Grace]

JEFF BUCKLEY - Grace (1994) - 09. Eternal Life

1x05 Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah (минус)

Hallelujah (OST Misfits 1x05)

Hallelujah (OST House M.D. season 2)

Hallelujah (Piano version)

Hallelujah (OST "Shrek")

Hallelujah (House M.D. Season 02, серия 1)

Jeff Buckley & Liz Fraser - All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun

Hallelujah (OST Feast Of Love)

Je N'en Connais Pas La Fin (Live At Sin-e)


We All Fall in Love Sometimes (E. John cover)

Last Goodbye (Vanila Sky)

Алилуя (OST Scrubs)

Jeff Buckley (Grace / 1993-94) - 4. Lilac Wine

Hallelujah (Доктор Хаус / House M.D. - 2 сезон)


Босиком по мостовой (Jeff Buckley) - Hallelujah

Yard Of Blonde Girls (Audrey Clark & Lori Kramer cover)

Three Is A Magic Number (Bob Dorough cover Live at Mercury Lounge 12.31.1995)

Corpus Christi Carol (Benjamin Britten cover)

263. jeff buckley - everybody here wants you

Алилуя (рус.)

Back in N.Y.C. (Genesis)

Brenda Kahn feat. Jeff Buckley - Faith Salons

Last Goodbye OST Ванильное небо / Vanilla Sky. 2001

Jeff Buckley feat. Elizabeth Fraser - all flowers in time bend towards the sun

Kick Out the Jams

Halleluja (OST "Shrek")