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Lord of the lost / Тексты песен

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My Deepest Fear

My Heart Is Black

Kill It With Fire

Dry The Rain

La Bomba


Wishing on a Scar


From Venus To Mars

Sooner or Later




Drag Me To Hell

Lost In A Heartbeat

Break Your Heart

Die Tomorrow

Last Words

In A Perfect World

The Measure of All Things

The Sands Of Time

The Love Of God

Dry The Rain (Acoustic Version)

Lament for the Condemned

Heart For Sale


Till Death Us Do Part

Love Is Not Enough

Not from This World

October 29 (Swan Songs Version)

Traveller's Wounds

The Eyes Of Love Are Blind (Part II)

The Eyes Of Love Are Blind

Lost in Oblivion

Words of Sadness

Seven Days Of Anavrin

Love the way You Lie (Rihanna cover)+

Where Is All the Love

Do You Wanna Die Without A Scar?

To Die For

See You Soon

Blood For Blood

Eisblumen (Subway To Sally cover)

Undead Or Alive

Vicious Circle


Never Forgive

One Day Everything Will Be Okay

Annabel Lee


We Are The Lost

Son Of The Dawn

Antagony (The Truth Is Written Between The Lines)

Love in a Time of War

Love In A Time Of War (Swan Songs Version)

This Is The Life (Amy MacDonald cover live in Hamburg)

Take The Pain Away

Now We Are the Aliens

Black Lolita

Fragmenting Facade

Your Victories


Nothing Words Can Say

Revelation 13:18

Letters To Home

Sooner or Later (Stage Version)


just Taekwondo

Afterlife (Piano Version)

Love Is Not Enough (Piano Version)

I'll Sleep When You're Dead

When You're Asleep

Sex On Legs (Hotel Lounge Version)

La(tin) Bomba (Official Not Exactly Very Dark Remix)

So Good It Hurts

Go To Hell (Swan Songs Version)

Afterlife (Swan Songs Version)

If Johnny Cash Was Here

Full Metal Whore

Heart For Sale (Darkhaus Remix)

Till Death Us Do Part (Swan Songs Version)

Full Metal Whore (2015)

Bad Romance (Lady Gaga cover)

Shut Up When You're Talking To Me

Game of Thrones The Lost Lords - Credits Song

Love In The Time Of War

Lost in a Heartbeat (Acoustic Version)

From The Cradle To The Grave

Liberty in Death (feat. Nina Jiers of Neopera)

Afterlife Of Death (Remix by Unzucht)

Preludium: About Love, Death & The Devil

The Most Radical Thing To Do

Dry The Rain (Orchestra Version feat. MONO INC.)

Love The Way You Lie - Live Trash Fest - Rihanna Cover

Dry The Rain (Swan Songs Version)

Shut Up When You're Talking To Me


See You Soon (Live and Unplugged at Chameleon Studios) (preview)

Reprise: Sober (Antagony, 2011)

Credo (Gothic meets Klassik) 27.10.2013

Never Let You Go (feat. Ulrike Goldmann /BlutEngel/)

Beyond Beautiful

Bad Romance

October 29

Lord Of The Lost feat. Nina Jiers - Liberty In Death

Credo (Karaoke Version)

La Bomba (Remixed by BlutEngel)

Fears (2010)

Death Doesn't Kill You but I Do

Liberty In Death (feat. Nina Jiers)

Frozen (Madonna Cover - Piano Version)

Beyond Beautiful (Swan Songs Version)

Afterlife (acoustic)

Credo (Swan Songs Version)

Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah! Ro mah-roma-mama!..

See You Soon (Swan Songs Version)

Antagony (Swan Songs Version)

Go to Hell (Acoustic Version) (Live in Hamburg)

Porcelain - Acoustic Version (Live in Hamburg)

This Life Divided (Acoustic Version) (Live in Hamburg)

Prison (Live)


This War

Built To Break

Lord of Brooklyn - Lake of Fire (Mafia: The city of Lost Heaven)

Mafia:The sity of lost heaven (Lords of brooklyn) - Lake of fire

Гимн клана контра сити [Lord] - Lord of the Lost - Credo

Fragile Child - Deep Inside (Remix by Lord Of The Lost)

Ost+Front - Eure Siege (Lord Of The Lost cover)

Solitary Experiments - Pandora's Box (Interpreted by Lord of the Lost)

Son Of The Dawn (Antagony, 2011)

Morsal (feat. JoHanna Moresco of THE CRÜXSHADOWS)

Lord Of The Lost "Lord Black" - Dry The Rain -- Wade Barrett -- WVF

The eyes of love are blind (Part I)

The Sands of Time - Acoustic Version (Live in Hamburg)

Marching Into Sunset (feat. Erk Aicrag of Hocico & Rabia Sorda)

Never Let You Go feat. Ulrike Goldmann of Blutengel

La Bomba (From The Flame Into The Fire, 2014)

Lord Of The Lost (Gothic Glam Rock / Industrial Rock / 2012 - Take The Pain Away

I Love The Way You Lie (Rihanna cover)

Preludium: About Love, Death & The Devil (Antagony, 2011)

Dry the Rain [Orchestra Version]

Chris Harms & Gared Dirge 29.11.2013 Lord Of The Lost - This is the life (Cover)

Dry The Rain (Fears, 2010)

This Is The Life (Amy MacDonald cover)

577) Lord Of The Lost - Dry The Rain

Enjoy the silence 13.10.2011 Berlin

Lord of the Lost "Lord Black" - Black Lolita -- Dean Ambrose -- WVF

Lord Of The Lost "Lord Black" - See You Soon --Rick Genest -- WVF

Lord of the Lost "Lord Black" - Prologue -- Kevin Owens -- WVF

Lord of the Lost "Lord Black" - Credo -- Eva Marie -- WVF

Lord Of The Lost "Lord Black" - My Heart Is Black (First Gimn)

Lord of the Lost feat. Nina Jiers of Neopera - Holy F

My Deepest Fear [Gothic Metal / Glam Rock]

Eure Siege (feat. Alex Wesselsky)

Reprise: Sober

Eure Siege (feat. Alex Wesselsky /Eisbrecher/)

Heart For Sale (love)

Credo,We will we will rock you (live in St. Petersburg 02.11.13)

Bad Romance (live in Saint-Petersburg 02.11.13)

See You Soon (Live Acoustic at Chameleon Studios)

Prison (Gothic Meets Klassik)

Die Tomorrow, shut up when you're talking to me ( live @ AVRORA Club)

Till Death Us Do Part (live @ AVRORA Club)

Love Is Not Enough (Antagony, 2011)

Fragmenting Facade (Antagony, 2011)

Epiphany (Antagony, 2011)

Revelation 13:18 (Antagony, 2011)

Prison (Antagony, 2011)

Pandora's Box

Undead Or Alive (Sex, Death and Rock’n’Roll)


Cheri Cheri Lady (Modern Talking cover)

UnterArt (pre-Lord of the Lost) - Now or never (Германия)

Скоро увидимся

Love is Not Enough Любви недостаточно

Black Lolita (Live)

(Lord of the Lost Piano Cover) - Morsal


Lord Of The Lost & Eisbrecher - Eure Siege

(Lord of the Lost Piano Cover) - Six Feet Underground

Нигерская Лолита

Умереть завтра

La Bomba (Латинская Америка)

Реприза: Трезвый

Never Let You Go feat. Ulrike Goldman

Sex On Legs (Live auf St.Pauli)

Chris Harms & Gared Dirge 29.11.2013 Lord Of The Lost - Paparazzi (Cover)

La Bomba(Industrial Metal/ Gothic Metal)

666 Feet Underground (Remix by Death Valley High)

Chris Harms & Gared Dirge 29.11.2013 Lord Of The Lost - Frozen

Blood For Blood (Live)

Satans Fall (Saltatio Mortis cover)

See You Soon (Subway To Sally Remix)

Blood For Blood (A Life Divided Club Remix)

Heart For Sale (Live in Hamburg)

Blood For Blood (Live in Hamburg)

A Life Divided Feat. Chris Harms (Lord Of The Lost) - Perfect Day

Lord Of The Lost [15 Freunde 15 Jahre 15 Songs] - Satans Fall

Break Your Heart (audacity)

Saltatio Mortis

5.Go To Hell (Swan Songs Version)

Sex On Legs (Live)

Till Death Us Do Part (Fears, 2010)

Bad Romance (Gaga cover)

Never let you go

La Bomba [Gothic Rock]

Prologue (Fears, 2010)

My Deepest Fear (Fears, 2010)

Break Your Heart (Fears, 2010)

Bad Romance (cover)

Annabel Lee - Acoustic Version (Live in Hamburg)