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Hearts Strong as Horses

Winter Wrap Up

Make A Wish

Pinkie The Party Planner


What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me

The Super Duper Party Pony

Crystal Fair Song

Cheese Confesses

MLP:FIM - Cutie Mark Crusaders - Bad Seed Song

Apples to the Core

You’ll Play Your Part

Rules of Rarity

Light of Your Cutie Mark (Crusaders of the Lost Mark)

Razzle Dazzle

[FULL SONG] MLP: FiM - I Am Just a Pony

A True, True Friend

Celestia's Ballad

Morning in Ponyville

MLP: FiM: Pinkie Pie - Giggle at the Ghostly (Instrumental by Lenich)

A Circle of Friends

The Ballad of the Crystal Empire

Pony Pokey

The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 - Song

The Goof Off

Art of the Dress


Giggle At The Ghostly

Babs Seed

Письмо Твайлайт Спаркл

Apple Family Reunion (song)

Smile Smile Smile

Искатели знаков отличия/Cutie Mark Crusaders

Find The Music In You

At the Gala

MLP FiM Pinkie Pie - Wonderbolt Rap

German Smile, Smile, Smile - Lächelt, Lächelt, Lächelt

Light of Your Cutie Mark

We'll Make Our Mark

The Pony I Want to Be w/Reprise (Crusaders of the Lost Mark)

Friends are always there for you

MLP - My Little Pony: FiM - In Our Town [Song / Season 5]

MLP (My Little Pony: FIM) - In Our Town

Sphere Of Ability - Stop The Bats (MLP:FiM cover)

Lena Hall - MLP׃ FiM "I am Just a Pony"

Razzle dazzle | Оригинал - http://mlpba.ru/MLP_ FiM - Razzle dazzle.rar

My Little Pony 8Bit


Love is in Bloom [Official Russian version]

MLP:FIM [SFS] (Love is in bloom) - Silly Filly Studios

MLP: FiM / Daniel Ingram - Love is in Bloom (Full Extended Edit - No RD)

Сколько чудес/So many wonders


Art of Dress Rarity`s song full

Pinkie Pie (MLP:FIM) - Smile Song

Find A Pet Song

Rarity - Becoming Popular

The Failure Song

MLP: FiM (MisterDavie) - Pinkie Pie "Smile"

BBBFF (Sim Gretina Remix)

Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 (Sim Gretina Remix)

Stop the Bats Song

Pinky Pie(MLP:FIM) - Smile song

MLP FIM Princess Luna - This is me

Success Song

The Gypsy Bard

What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me (instrumental)

Winter Wrap Up [RUS DUB]

MLP FiM - The CMC - Hearts as Strong as Horses

Pinkie Lament

Laugh Song (Giggle at the ghostly)

Find a Pet (Karaoke)

Babs Seed Song

Daddy Discord

So Many Wonders

The Success Song

Stop the Bats(минус)

Babs Seed song

Love is in bloom rus


Daniel Ingram(MLP: FiM) - This Day Aria

The Success Song

The Failure Song

Apples Forever (4 season)

MLP:FIM Equestria Girls - Helping Twilight Sparkle Win The Crown

Piggy Dance

Raise This Barn Extended

Celestia's Ballad

Smile Smile Smile

Cupcake Song

The Ballad of the Crystal Empire

MLP FIM 4E3S - Babs Seed от CrySHL

MLP-FiM Smile Song - (Rock Cover)

MLP:FiM Pinkie Pie - Smile

This Day Aria

At The Gala(Polski)

At The Gala(Dansk)

At The Gala(Italiano)

Apples Forever (2014)

Apples to the core Reprise

Кристальные пони

Daniel Ingram(MLP: FiM) - The Ballad of the Crystal Empire

MLP:FiM (Daniel Ingram) - Make a Wish (Aftermath Remix)

Vampire Fruit Bat Song

MLP:FIM :Sond-ы. - A True, True Friends

MLP FiM (AppleJack) - Stop The Bats

AppleJack, Pinkie Pie and Apple family (MLP:FiM) - Apples to the Core

MLP:FiM (Daniel Ingram)/Aftermath - Vampire Fruit Bat Song

You Got to share, You Got to Care

Behold, Princess Twilight Sparkle(Deutsch)

MLP FiM: The Super Duper Party Pony - The Super Duper Party Pony

At The Gala(Svenska)

At The Gala(Magyar)

Becoming Popular

Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic

MLP FiM - Pony Tones - Music in the Treetops

Rainbow Dash(MLP:FiM) - реклама пепси колы

Raise This Barn

MLP:FiM Pinkie Pie - Make a Wish (Extended Version)

Babs Seed (punk rock cover)

I am Octavia

Cheese Confesses

Equestria Girls

О Чём Моя Метка Говорит Мне

This Day Aria (My Little Pony: Canterlot Wedding)

So Many Wonders

Smile Song

Пони полька/Pony pokey

MLP:FIM EG:RR - Battle of the Bands

Stop The Bats (Metal Cover by DusK)

Daniel Ingram (MLP: FIM) - Babs Seed (The Living Tombstone Remix)

Smile HD

MLP: FiM (MisterDavie) - You better get ready to die

You'll Play Your Part

Pinkie Pie's Singing Telegram

Winter warp up

This area day

Daniel Ingram(MLP:FIM) - Raise This Barn

MLP:FIM German - Smile, Smile, Smile - Lachelt, Lachelt, Lachelt

Pinkie Pie(MLP:FIM) - Smile song

Daniel Ingram (MLP:FIM) - Babs Seed

It'll Be OK (Cover)

пони виль зохадите друзя тут няши

адская пронская музыка

Pinkie Pie - You Got to share, You Got to Care

Make This Castle A Home

Make This Castle a Home

I'll Fly

MLP:FIM:Equestria Girls:Rainbow Rocks - Friendship Through The Ages

MLP FiM (Daniel Ingram) - Smile Song

Smile Song (The Living Tombstone's Remix)

In Our Town

Cutie mark crusaders song

"This Day Aria" (Cadence song)

MLP:FIM Applejack - Raise This Barn

L'hiver s'enfuit

MLP: FiM (Daniel Ingram) - Winter Wrap Up (MIDI instrumental) (DJ Alex376 remix)

I'll fly

Pinkie The Party Planner

MLP:FiM (Princess Luna) - The Moon Rises (на русском)

We'll Make Our Mark w/perlude (Crusaders of the Lost Mark)

MLP:FiM - Equestria Girls 3 - The Friendship Games

Main Theme

The Magic Inside

MLP FiM - Rara - The Magic Inside (I'm Just a Pony)

[RUS Sub / ♫ / FULL SONG] MLP: FiM - I Am Just a Pony (60FPS) | The Mane Attraction [S5, Episode 24]

The Vote

MLP: FiM (Daniel Ingram) - Hearths Warming Eve Is Here Once Again (Alex376 Instrumental Cover)

Say Goodbye To The Holiday

It's gonna Work

Luna's Future

MLP EG FiM - Cafeteria Song [russian]

MLP EG FiM - What a Strange New World [russian]

Nyan Dub - MLP FIM - this day aria (RUS)

A True, True Friend - MLP FiM Song

Aviators - Friendship [MLP:FIM]

InfinityDash - MLP:FiM BGM:Glass of Water (Instrumental)

Неизвестен - Luna Angel of Darkness MLP FIM PMV

Love Is In Bloom

Love is In Bloom [Extended Official music]

X2(MLP:FiM) - You're Gonna Go Far Kid (The Offspring cover)

Rainbow Dash(MLP:FiM) - You're Gonna Go Far Kid (The Offspring cover)

Daniel Ingram (MLP: FIM) - Raise This Barn (Sim Gretina ReMix)

Official Extended Intro

The Flim Flam Brothers Song

Opening (Extended)

MLP:FiM (Daniel Ingram) - Bats! (Aftermath Remix)

Love is in Bloom - Extended

This Day Aria (Cadance's Aria)

L'hiver s'enfuit (french Winter Wrap Up)

Fluttershy's Yay

Pinkie's Gala Fantasy Song

Cutie Mark Crusading (Background Music)

MLP FiM Song - Hearts Strong as Horses

Failure Success Song