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Poets of the fall / Тексты песен

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Late GoodBye

Where Do We Draw the Line

Sleep, Sugar


The Beautiful Ones

No End, No Beginning


The Ultimate Fling

3 AM

Dreaming Wide Awake

Heal My Wounds



All The Way For You


The Happy Song

All the Way / 4U

Passion Colors Everything

Revolution Roulette

Maybe Tomorrow Is A Better Day

Diamonds for Tears

Cradled in Love

Smoke and Mirrors

The Ballad of Jeremiah Peacekeeper

Miss Impossible

Someone special

King of Fools

Save Me


The Poet and The Muse

Late Goodbye (Max Payne 2 OST )


Late Goodbye - Theme from Max Payne 2

You Know My Name (Chris Cornell cover)

Locking Up the Sun

Dying to Live


Sleep, Sugar (минус)


Love Will Come To You

Carnaval of rust

You Know My Name


All The Way 4 You

Can You Hear Me



Children Of The Elder God

Carnival of Rust (Live)

Illusion and Dream


Sleep, suga

Grinder's Blues

The Poet and the Muse (OST Alan Wake)

The Ultimate Fling [acoustic]



Seek You Out


✖ - poets of the fall: you're still here

Old Gods of Asgard (Poets of the Fall) - The Poet and the Muse

Carnival Of Rust (Acoustic)

Running Out of Time

Temple of Thought (Unplugged Studio Live)

The beautifull Ones

Given and Denied

Sorry Go 'Round

Late Goodbay

Late Goodbye (acoustic)


Jealous Gods

The Lie Eternal

Balance Slays The Demon

Everything Fades


Sleep, sweety

Skin (Temple of Thought 2012)

Morning Tide

Show Me This Life

Sleep, Sugar (Noizer Remix)

15 Min Flame

Illusion & Dream

Dreaming Wide Awake (Album Version)

Poets of the falls - Sleep sugar

War (Alan Wake OST)

Illusion & Dream

Carnival of Rust (Instrumental Version)

Lift (Signs Of Life - 2005)

Come feed the rain

All the Way 4 U

The Happy Song (OST Alan Wake's American Nightmare)

The Ultimate Fling (Revolution Roulette,2008)

War [Alan Wake]

Rewind (Twilight Theater - 2010)

Tobacco Road

Lift me higher


Clever mind

War (OST Alan Wake)

To Late Goodbay

More (Revolution Roulette 2008)

Love Will Come To You [Jealous Gods 2014]

Daze [Jealous Gods 2014]

Rebirth [Jealous Gods 2014]

Moonlight Kissed (Clearview 2016)

Poet and The Muse (OST Alan Wake)

Poets of the Fall - [Clearview - 2016] - Children of the Sun

Running Out of Time (Temple Of Thought 2012)

Carnival Of Rust (lyrics)

Maybe tomorrow is a better day (Carnival of Rust 2006)

Dawn (Carnival of Rust 2006)

Carnival of Lust

Late Goodbye (Signs of Life 2005)

Carnival of rust(Thomas Pedersen Cover)

The Happy Song (American Nightmare Edit)

When do we draw the line

Nothing Stays the Same

The Game (Clearview 2016)


Don't Mess With Me

You're Still Here

Sleep, Sugar... remix

Cradled in Love (Full Version)

Sleep, sugar (Instrumental)

Dreaming Wide Awake (Acoustic)

Late Goodbye (Radio Edit)

Sleep, sugar (самая красивая и романтичная песня)

Late Good Bye

Kamikadze Love

Late Goodbye (OST Max Payne 2)

Heal My Wounds (Twilight Theater 2010)

Rumors [Jealous Gods 2014]


Poets Of The Fall [Revolution Roulette 2008] - Clevermind

War (acoustic)

Sleep shugar

Sleep vk.com/Sound.Cloud

Choice Millionaire

Poets of the Fall - [Clearview - 2016] - Drama for Life

Poets of the Fall - [Clearview - 2016] - Moonlight Kissed

Poets Оf the Fall - Carnival of Rust

The Poet and The Muse [Поэт и Муза]

Old Gods Of Asgard (Poets of The Fall) - Children of the Elder God (Alan Wake OST)

Children of the Elder God (OST Alan Wake)

Children of the Sun (Clearview 2016)

The Distance (Temple Of Thought 2012)

Poets of the Fall (Old Gods Of Asgard) - Balance Slays The Demon

All The Way / 4U (Carnival of Rust 2006)

The Happy Song (Temple Of Thought 2012)

Carnival Of Rust [ost The Crow]

Temple of Thought (Temple Of Thought 2012)

Kamikaze Love (Temple Of Thought 2012)

Carnival of rust (live acoustic)

Morning Tide (Temple Of Thought 2012)

Show Me This Life (Temple Of Thought 2012)

Carnival Of Rust (Piano CoveR)

Carnival of Rus

Curnival of Rust

Sorry Go 'Round (Carnival Of Rust 2006)

Carnival of rast

Sleep ("Signs of Life", 2005)

Someone Special (Signs of Life 2005)

Carnival Of Rust (минус)

Looking Up The Sun

Tell me where do we draw the line

Where do we draw the line (Revolution Roulette 2008)

Rolling In The Deep (Adele-cover)

Where Do We Draw The Line (Piano)

Poets Of The Fall (Jealous Gods, 2014) - Brighter Than The Sun

The Happy Song (Alan Wakes American Nightmare OST)

All the Way Four You

Poets of the Fall - [Clearview - 2016] - The Labyrinth

Poets Of The Fall (Carnival of Rust, 2006) - Roses

Poets Of The Fall (Signs of life, 2005) - Seek You Out

Some one special

Dawn (OST "Reign Over Me")

Cradle in Love

Sleep sugar (minus)

Can You Hear Me (acoustic)

Kamikaze Love (acoustic version)

Late Goodbye (Live Acoustic)

Late Goodbye (live in Arena Moscow 24/03/2012)

Fire (Live From Ankkarock 2007)

Skin (Unplugged Studio Live)


Sleep,sugar (Piano cover)

Lift (минус)

Lift (Album Version)

Poets of The Fall (AMB ambient mix) - Sleep sugar - Sleep sugar

Poets of the Fall (Max Payne 2 soundtrack) - Late Goodbye

Late Goodbye (минус)

Poets of the Fall (Revolution Roulette) - Diamonds For Tears

Miss Impossible [Revolution Roulette]

Jealous Gods [Jealous Gods 2014]

Choice Millionaire [Jealous Gods 2014]

Hounds To Hamartia [Jealous Gods 2014]

Hounds to Hamartia

Sleep Sugar(Sean Vincente Remix)

War (Twilight Theater - 2010)

Save Me (Revolution Roulette,2008)

Passion Colors Everything (Revolution Roulette,2008)

Lift (Live)

Lift [Instrumental]

Illusion and dream (Минус от Романа)

Sleep, sugar (OST Сладкая Жизнь 2 сезон)


Cradled in Love (Acoustic)

You Know My Name (cover)

Poets Of The Fall (Jealous Gods, 2014) - Love Will Come To You

Dying to Live [Twilight Theater - 2010]

Poets Of The Fall (Revolution Roulette, 2008) - Passion Colors Everything

Poets Of The Fall (Jealous Gods, 2014) - Clear Blue Sky

Fragile (live acoustic)

Sleep, sugar (Dj Antonio Remix Extended)

Sleep (Remix by Deflate)

Maybe Tommorow Is A Better Day

Sleep, Sugar (Dj Antonio rmx)

Drama for Life ("Clearview" 2016)

Crystalline (Clearview 2016)

Poets of a Fall - Where do we draw the line

Poets Оf The Fall - King of Fools

Артём Портнов - Poet And The Muse (Poets Of The Fall Cover)

Shining - Carnival Of Rust (Poets Of The Fall Cover)

Медляки - Poets Of The Fall - Where Do We Draw The Line

Sorry Go Round (Poets Of The Fall - Carnival Of Rust Album 2006)

Poets of the Fall (Old Gods of Asgard) - The Poet and the Muse

[Alan Wake OST]Poets of the Fall - The Poet and the Muse

Late Goodbye (OST Max Payne 2: The Fall Of Max Payne)

The Poet and The Muse (Instrumental)