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Apathy & Celph Titled - Reel Wolf Presents The Underworld (feat. Bizarre, Reef The Lost Cauze, Ill Bill, Slaine, King Gordy, SID, PMD, Sean Strange, Swifty McVay, Vinnie Paz & Tech N9ne) | Текст песни

[Intro - Bizarre]
Reel Wolf, underground shit
I guess I'm up first, right?
I'mma rap first?
Alright, let me hit this blunt right quick

[Verse 1 - Bizarre]
I'm the sickest motherfucker on this earth
That'll fuck a transvestite, dog, or blue Smurf
Bizarre smack a bitch quick
Then give her ass and lick while she take a shit
Fuck your period, fuck your rag
Take it in your ass, just like a fag
All my fans is crazy, they love it
That's why I say fuck it, and smack you in public
I'm rugged!

[Verse 2 - Reef the Lost Cauze]
Yeah, you know me well
The Gods said that they owe me hell
I'm The Outlaw Josey Wales
Make a nigga feel spiritual like holy tales
From the bible, roll Exodus and then inhale
No one knows you, so if I kill you who’d I tell?
Half-hipster, whiney nigga that’s a fuckin' fail
Life without purpose, that’s a fucking jail
Lost Cauze, when I spit it’s fucking hell

[Verse 3 - Ill Bill]
Master a dance of lesbians
Satanic majesty's equestrian
On a black steed stampeding pedestrians
'Do what thou willt' shall be the whole of the law
I get my dick sucked by a nun with the soul of a whore
Superstitious like a gypsy casting a death-spell
Exhale chem-trails
Strangle you with your own entrails
14th day of July innocence was averted
Ill Bill, born on the same day Billy The Kid was murdered

[Verse 4 - Slaine]
It's kill or be killed
So watch out for the villain - he's ill
I'm slinging rap, swinging bats like I'm in little league still
Sniffing cocaine off a coin with Kennedy's grill
Cough from a joint while I'm crushing my enemies will
I'm a homicidal Hercules, doggie, I'm an urban myth
I swerve the whip, get my dick sucked while on my work release
I give these rappers bad advice and a nervous twitch
Penetrate and innovate, a renegade, I murder shit

I'm a real wolf
With the Underworld flick

[Verse 5 - Celph Titled]
I ain't racist just cause I split your head to the white meat
The missing link Yeti-Sasquatch, yeah I might be
This shit's real - distribute guns in the kids meal
Open the box, hold the Glock, bust a shot through the windshield
The manifestation of evil stay alive and breathing
I'm Satan's fitness trainer, exercising demons
Respect the shooter, I'll find the bastard
Hell, my loaded pistol is a fire hazard

[Verse 6 - King Gordy]
My dick stays hard in graveyards, you pray hard
As I make love to Adolf Hitler’s carcass
Call me a nigger as I lick his heartless chest
I guess these skinhead Nazis wanna get retarded
Why? Cuz I’m fucking your leader all in his ass
Speak to him in Hebrew, fuck the Führer until he's back, dead again
Tell the Aryans I’m burying my head right in his belly
And it’s scary cause I'm licking his mustache

[Verse 7 - Sid]
Son of a killer, Mr. fucking grimey
SAS 22nd regiment limey
Born in a bar with my eyes wide open
Inspired by debacles since I came out the fallopian
We don't fuck around, got permits to carry
Everybody walks around like Dirty fucking Harry
Don't play my town, cause we will fucking bury you
Carry you to a farm cut off your arms, chewed up by animals

[Verse 8 - PMD]
On your mark, get set, ready to go
Green light, checkered flag, time to get that dough
And ayo, in the underworld I'm half-wolf and half-lycan
Swing the Excalibur, barbaric viking

[Verse 9 - Sean Strange]
Vicodin, marijuana, cocaine, the Grateful Dead
Average rapper kidnapping
Be sure to make your bed
When they battle me fatality take your head
And write a rhyme with your blood
The page's painted red


[Verse 10 - Apathy]
I'm the king of Castle Greyskull
My grey matter's powerful as Grey Hulk
I’m Zartan, I’m Tarzan before he went to Greystroke
My brain's broke, slang dope
And when I speak, my slang's dope
You're soft as fuck - your whole album is a gay joke
Rap's lethal, spit a sixteen at you
We'll paint the ceiling with your brains
Like the Sistine Chapel
I'm the cardinal of carnage, the poisonous priest
Don't bother praying to your God
There's no avoiding this beast

[Verse 11 - Swifty McVay]
You ain't about that life
You a bastard that won't attack
I'm the type to grab a knife
And I'm stabbing you with it backwards
I'm backslapping wack ass non-rappers
Snatch the breath out of you faster than asthma without a gas mask
I lace hash, a heinous figure
Slash-murderer, I'm burning these legacy killers
Putting mo' metal in niggas than robotic mechanisms
Kill his woman and brag about it in prison

[Verse 12 - Vinnie Paz]
Rambo-knife, show you what bloody is
You call it a dead cop, I call it a bloody pig
You think your hands nice money? You's a funny kid
You next to get molly-whopped like your buddy did
The Ruger Blackhawk, stick it in the dunny rib
Throw him in the fucking bathroom like Sunny did
The biggest show in your career; like a hundred kids
The AR-15 blew off like a hundred wigs

[Verse 13 - Tech N9ne]
Grim reaper to Ariel Castro, Adam Lanza, James Holmes
Flame on, no it ain't wrong when I'mma have them plans for cancer
Then land ya in a hands up tense panthers
Damned with antlers to ram ya man pampers
Scrams the answer, No evil understands ya
Grandeur and like you were three times the word lambda
I’ll be the damper on a clan’s fam camper
Necromancer drinking vodka and Fanta with Santa


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