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Jon Connor - American Psycho | Текст песни

I'm a change the game, niggas won't get a penny back
I'm a make hits while you motherfuckers pitter pat
Talk is cheap, I'm where the hundreds and fifties at
Legend nigga put me where the diddies and biggies at
Son, yo what you little niggas want to piggyback
Eat you for breakfast the skin off a piggy's back
Ain't no comparison
I'm sick and they be looking for the medicine
All varsity
And you can tell it by the letter, man
Embarrassed them
Keep the game up late
Jay Leno, David Letterman
And with these hoes, I'm like fuck sex
Make them go straight to the head Excedrin
My sentiments - you're sweet, you're cinnamon
This Michigan MC breed Eminem
Yes, he the best, he a pest
Cause you can't get rid of him
But it's for your own benefit
Can't stop making moves, and you niggas on Ritalin
Y'all bark loud 'til the nigga yelled sic'em then
Sick of them because they big fish in a small pond
Nigga call John I'll reel em in
Niggas illegitimate. I spit it with a vengeance
Many niggas say they want it
But they really just pretending
They depending on a nigga
But I scream
A-Squad to the end
So many hits that they quitting in the middle
So I got me feeling like I'm winning
Spit it with conviction
Your shitty drawers on par for these infants
Shit, I'm a giant I recline on you midgets
Fuck that
Homie I ain't quit till I finish, I'm a menace
Got to get, kill it, till the world is a witness
Say something wrong and Flint niggas will go in a nigga's mouth like a dentist
Young Jon about his business
Making a mark while I'm shaping the art
Trying to keep it together but I take'em apart
Go play in the dark if you ain't on my team
I make them scream, shit I'm Wes Craven at heart
I ain't coming at you, I'm past you
Flow so wet, make a nigga Kraft food
Glad to stay on you niggas mind like a tattoo
Shitting on you niggas like I couldn't find a bathroom
Back to the game and how I'm gonna fuck it up
Kill every show, now the stage is all bloodied up
We'll make it rain, have your boots all muddied up
School of hard knocks, well you niggas better study us
White walls that will flow insane
Punch lines till they all feel pain
Tight walls till your girl give brain
Put a name tag on them, I'mma forget your names
Get the picture, I'll get your frames
More hot, I'll spit your flames
Flow dope, nigga that's cocaine
Hear my tribe, it's just my lane
International, flow irrational
Mind is sharp, I just ripped your ass in two
Sick, I passed the flu
Caught you in the headlights
I'll mount the other half of you
One more that's on my wall
Haters is on my balls
It was one thing that my dick so tall
But now I really can't put on my drawers
Hell nah, this ain't gon' pass
Who said I ain't gon last
With the same mouth that you said that shit
All of you can tongue kiss my ass

They don't call me the people's rapper for nothing
To everybody that been fucking with me. I'll never let you down, I got you
Y'all know what it is
Blue City Club

Go get Jon Connor as Vinnie Chase Season One. Season Two on the way
That shit with me and Reefa on the way
We gone

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