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somewhere only we know

A Bad Dream


Nothing In My Way

Everybody`s Changing

This Is the Last Time

We might as well be strangers

Is It Any Wonder?

Perfect Symmetry

Crystal Ball

with or without you (u2 cover)

The Lovers Are Losing

She has no time

He Used To Be A Lovely Boy

Your Eyes Open

Try Again




Untitled 1

Better Than This

With Or Without You

Sovereign Light Cafe

The Night Sky

Put It Behind You

Cant Stop Now

The Frog Prince

Bend And Break

Leaving So Soon?

Everybody's Changing

Love Is the End

To The End Of The Earth

Walnut Tree

Silenced By the Night

Hamburg Song

Clear Skies

On A Day Like Today

Somewhere Only We Know (acoustic)

Broken Toy


Snowed Under

Wolf At The Door

Pretend That You`re Alone

goodbye yellow brick road

Can't Stop Now

Disco 2000 (Pulp Cover)

Black Rain


The Starting Line

You Are Young

My Shadow

On the Road

Closer Now

Back In Time

Fly To Me

Time to Go

The way you want it

This Is The Last Time (acoustic)

Again And Again

Somewhere Only We Know (Live)

Lily Allen - Somewhere Only We Know (Keane cover)

Lily Allen - Everybody's changing (Keane cover)

A Bad Dream (OST Scrubs/Клиника)

Sea Fog

Somewhere Only We Kno

Perfect Symmetry (FRANKMUSIK Remix)

We might as well be strangers (OST_Raise Your Voice)

Pretend That You're Alone

Black Burning Heart

Watch How You Go


In Your Own Time

Playing Along

Difficult Child

Under Pressure

Call me what you like

Let It Slide

Somewhere Only We Know (Instrumental)

Staring at the Ceiling

Stop For A Minute


A heart to hold you

Won't Be Broken

Kean - Somewhere only we know

You Don't See Me

Hatty Keane - Best Kept Secret (Tony Anthem & Axl Ender Remix)

Lifehouse - Somewhere Only We Know (Keane cover)

Under Pressure (Queen Cover)

What A Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong cover)

Thin Air

Keane Feat. KNaan - Stop For A Minute

Crystall Ball

Somewhere Only We Know (минус)

Day Will Come

The Boys

The Happy Soldier

The Iron Sea (Magic Shop Version)

More Matey

Sovereign Light Cafe (Live)

Into The Light


My Shadow (live)

This Is The Last Time (Demo)

Kieran Keane - Molly Malone (Cockles And Mussels)

With Or Without You (Jo Whiley Live Lounge)

A Bad Dream (OST Scrubs)

Somewhere Only We Know (Lamacq Live)

This Is The Last Time (Live)

Everybodys Changing [OST Клиника 5 сезон 3 серия]

Everybody's Changing (OST Scrubs)

Kean - Nothing In My Way

Everybodys Changing [OST Красавчик]

Glee Cast - Somewhere Only We Know (Keane Cover)

Natasha Bedingfield - Somewhere Only We Know (Keane Cover)

Fall Out Boy - KEAN

Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode cover)

Somewhere Only We Know ( песня из фильма ЛОЛ)

She Sells Sanctuary (The Cult cover)

Neon River

Somwhere Only We Know

Try Again (Live From Aragon Theater, Chicago 19th May 2005)

You Don't See Me

You Haven't Told Me Anything

Something In Me Was Dying

What A Wonderful World

White Christmas

Dinner At Eight

Lovers Are Losing

You Havent Told Me Anything

Sean Keane - Kilkelly, Ireland


Untitled 2


She Opens Her Eyes

Bend and Break (Acoustic)

Early Winter

Bedshaped (Acoustic)

Sea Fog (Live)

She Has No Time (Hopes and Fears — 2004)

Dolores Keane - The Wind That Shakes The Barley

She says she has no time

Try Again (Live)

Disconnected (live)

A Bad Dream (Live)

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John Cover)

Nothing In My Way (Under the Iron Sea — 2006)

Crystal ball (Under the Iron Sea)

Cristal Ball

She Sells Sanctuary

Put It Behind You (The Iron Sea)


A Bad Dream [OST Kyle XY]

The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore (The Walker Brothers cover)

The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Anymore)

Somewhere Only We Know( LOL Лето.Одноклассники.Любовь)

Nothing In My Way (OST FIFA 07)

Everybody's Changing (Live)

Atlantic (Demo 29th January 2005)

Blank and Jones - Try Again (with Keane)

Ellizabet Gillies feat. Max Shneider - Somewhere only we know(cover Keane(OST LOL))

Ника Водвуд - Everybody's Changing (Keane cover)

Higher Than The Sun [«The Best of Keane», 2013]

Everybodys Changing (клиника 5 сезон 3 серия)

Somewhere Only We Know (OST He's Just NOT That Into You)

Mt. Desolation (Keane, The Killers and Mumford and Sons) - State Of Our Affairs

Kean - Somewhere only we know (песня из фильма LOL)

Somewhere Only We Know( OST к/ф LOL)

Rhythms Del Mundo feat.Keane - Under Pressure

Keane (Gold Track #14 FIFA 2007) - Nothing In My Way

Somewhere Only We Know (OST Winnie the Pooh)

Nasin in may wey

The River (Bruce Springsteen Cover)

The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Anymore)

Perfect Symmetry (Innerpartysystem remix)

The Lovers Are Losing (CSS Remix)

The Starting Line (live at KCSN 17.03.2012)

The Starting Line (Live)

She Has No Time (OST One Tree Hill)

Run with Me

Your Love

Maybe I Can Change

Keane(Дуглас Бут) - Heart On Fire (ost LOL Лето.Одноклассники.Любовь)

A Bad Dream (МИНУС)

Bedshaped (live from Brixton Academy, London)

Russian Farmer's Song

Keane (Original the minus) - Somewhere Only We Know

Somewhere Only We Know Live from BBC

New One

She Open Her Eyes

My Shadow (Live iTunes Festival)

You Don't See Me (Live)

Try Again (instrumental)

14. Allemande (Hopes and Fears 2004)

Clear Skies (Live)

A Bad Dream(припев)

Nothing In my Way (instrumental)

Keane And Faultline - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

We Might As Well Be Strangers (instrumental)

Day Will Come (Live)

This Is The Last Time (Martin Roth remix)

Somewhere Only We Know (OST "Винни Пух" 2011)

Under Pressure (David Bowie & Queen cover)

We Might As Well Be Strangers (DJ Shadow Remix)

Somewhere only we know (CD Hopes and Fears, 2004)

11. Untitled 1 (Hopes and Fears 2004)

Keane *BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge Vol. 1 (2006) - with or without you (originally by U2)

Is It Any Wonder? (Tall Paul remix)

The Frog Prince (Live)

A Heart To Hold You (Jo Whiley Live Lounge)

► Keane [Brit-Pop / Indie-Rock] - Crystal Ball

Somewhere Only We known

Go Your Own Way [Fleetwood Mac]

Nothing in my way [ OST FIFA 08 ]

Spiralling (instrumental)

A Bad Dream (Under the Iron Sea 2006)

Keane (Dominic on vocals) - 1925

My Shadow (Perfect Symmetry B-side)

It’s just another day, nothing in my way

Bedshaped (Live)

Your Love ( The album "Night Train"10.05.10)

Black Rain (Live)

Sea Fog (Live in Mexico City)

Call Me What You Like (Live In Bull And Gate, 1999)

Love is the End ( Live)

Keane★★★★★ - Hamburg Song [Under The Iron Sea]