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Family guy / Тексты песен

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Christmas time is killing us!

Гриффины - Family Guy

Bag of weed


Theme song

You've Got A Lot To See

The Bag Of Weed

A bag of weed.

Family Guy|Peter Griffin - Shipoopi

Пакет травы

Some Say Love

Bird is the Word!

Drunken Irish Dad

The Freaking FCC

...девчёнкой тупой (Filiza Studio)

[Frank Sinatra Jr.] - Family Guy

The Trashmen - Surfin' Bird (OST Family Guy )

☣ Dёs - Люблю пердеть! (Family Guy cover)

The Trashman - Surfin Bird [The Theme From Battlefield Vietnam and The Family Guy]

Griffins - Family Guy

Family Guy Cast - Family Guy Fcc Song

Family Guy (Гриффины) - Птица синица( serfin bird) (mix)

My Drunken Irish Dad

Family Guy|Гриффины - Intro(Rap version)

OST Famili Guy [Honestly Sincere] - Bye Bye Birdie {9x08}

Irish Dad

Family Guy|Гриффины - Mr Booze

Christmas is just ruining us

Family Guy - Stewie and Olivia - You Do

Stewie Griffin (Family Guy) - Rocket Man

filiza (Family Guy) - Динь! Фри подал!

Family Guy|Stewie Griffin - (Everything I Do) I Do It for You

Can't Touch Me

Family Guy (Гриффины) - Слышал любовь (дорожная песня).

Road to Rhode Island

You And I Are So Awfully Different


Give Up the Toad

Family Guy - Toto - Africa

Main Theme

Family Guy (ГРИФФИНЫ) - Rock Lobster

Christmastime is killing us!

Noble Indian Chief - Extended

TV theme

Family Guy (Гриффины) - Я непререкаемый (на англ. яз.).


mr. Booze

The Family Guy (OST) - Слышал любовь

I Need A Jew

Family Guy OST - Shepoopi

You can't touch me

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Brave Guys - I Think I Love U So [Shut Up Family OST]

Geto Boys - Still (Family Guy OST)

Seth MacFarlane - Sexy Party Stewie ( OST Family Guy )

Eminem feat. Rihanna - The Monster (Sung in Family Guy Voices)

Pharrel (Mikey Bolts) - Happy (family guy voices)

Stewe & Brian - A Bag of Weed (From Family Guy) [RUS]

Cee Lo Green - Fuck You (ost Family Guy)

Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me (Family Guy Season 13 ser1 ost)

Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis - Theme From "Family Guy" (full version)

Family Guy (ГРИФФИНЫ) - Peter Griffin - Can't Touch Me (Family Guy) (Alex.R.)

Family Guy Theme Song

Family Guy Theme Song - family guy

Family Guy Intro Theme by Frank Sinatra Jr

Family Guy - All Cartoons Are Fuckin' Dicks

TV Theme (OST Family Guy)

Family Guy (ГРИФФИНЫ) - Peter Griffin - Can't Touch Me (Family Guy)

Song of Family Guy

Family Guy|Peter Griffin - Can't Touch Me(MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This)

Family Guy (Гриффины) - Главная заставка(чисто мелодия, без слов).

Рождество лишь только губит нас!

I've Had The Time Of My Life [By Herbert]

Live in Las Vegas

Family Guy (ГРИФФИНЫ) - Brian - You've got a lot to see


mr Booze (rus)

Live in Vegas - All Cartoons Are Fuckin' Dicks

Family Guy|Гриффины - Bag of Weed

prom night dumpster baby

Family Guy (ГРИФФИНЫ) - Brian & Stewie - The Road to Rhode Island

Stewie's Sexy Party Rap Song (Stewie & Destiny's Child)

I've Got A Little List

Family Guy (ГРИФФИНЫ) - Stewie Griffin - Down's Syndrome Girl

Family Guy (ГРИФФИНЫ) - Brian & Stewie - European Road Show - Different

Stewie and Brian пакет травы)))

The Road To Rhode Island (Brian & Stewie)

Family Guy|Peter Griffin - Bird is a word(The Trashmen - Surfin` Bird)

Family Guy|Peter Griffin - Rock Lobster

THE MUSICAL Family Guy - Men We Don't Know What We Did

Family Guy (S12E07) - Can't Poop in Strange Places

Гриффины (Family Guy) - Choomba Woomba

Surfing Bird

Тебя сегодня праздник ждет (rus)


I like farts

Питер Гриффин


OST "Family Guy" - You make me live

Hic a doo la

OST Family Guy [Honestly Sincere] - Bye Bye Birdie {9x08}

Bird is the word (птица-синица)

The Trashman из Family Guy 7.2 - Surfing Bird

Never Gonna Give You Up [by Brian]

Noble Indian Chief (Remix)

The Spirit of Massachusetts

I got you

U Can't Touch Me


Somewhere That's Green [By Herbert]

I Dream of Republican Town

F**k you

Suicide Silence - Family Guy Demo (2004) - Distorted Thought of Addiction

Take Me Out To Place Tonight (Frank Sinatra Jr. & Brian)

Wonderful Day For Pie

Family Guy (Гриффины) - Ирак лобстер (рус.яз.).

Driving Song

Suicide Silence - Family Guy Demo (2004) - Destruction Of A Statue

Suicide Silence - Family Guy Demo (2004) - Stand Strong

Suicide Silence - Family Guy Demo (2004) - Bludgeoned To Death

The family guy - Слышал любовь

Fat Man Anthem

Theme Song (Rap Version)

Dick with her

Filiza Studio feat. Family Guy - Динь! Фри подал!

some say love it is a river...

You And I Are Awfully Different

Noble Indian Chief (Magnes Mix)

The Family Guy - Пакет травы

The Love

The FCC Song

Гриффины (Family Guy) - Номер создан. Choomba Woomba.

Пакет травы (eng)

Bag of weed[rus]

Family Guy (Гриффины) - Пакет Травы

Рождество лишь только губит нас! гриффины

TV Theme Song

Слышал любовь (Road song)

It’s A Wonderful Day for Pie

I've Got A Little List

Brian Griffin (Family Guy) - You've Got A Lot To See

ахахах))))) птица сеница)))

Гриффины (Family Guy) - Iraq Lobster

Dance with Gene Kelly (Road to Rupert)

Family Guy|Гриффины - Bag Of Weed (русская озвучка)

Гриффины (Family Guy) - Drunken Irish Dad

Thank the Whites

Filiza Studio (Family Guy) - Динь! Фри подал!

Рождественская Песня

Happy New Year

Bird in the world

Down Syndrome Girl

Слышал любовь

Family Guy (Brian Griffin) - Never Gonna Give You Up